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Track Committee Report

No new updates on the public track build itself. The City, CSU, etc have much higher priorities due to COVID-19, etc. We did notice new signs this week at the dirt track reminding the public that it’s CSU property.  We have heard that Fort Collins High School is almost done with their track upgrade. The […]

Club News

Policy Task Force

In these time of COVID-19, running/group events have changed. The Policy Task Force (committee) has put together guidelines that FCRC will follow at club events. Run organizers are also welcome to use this as a resource when planning activities.Click here to read the Group Running and Event Guidelines. Interested in joining a committee? We always love having club […]

Club News

Equity, Inclusion and Outreach Committee Meeting Notes

Notes from the last two committee meetings:      7/14/2020: We have a name! We decided to call it the Equity, Inclusion and Outreach Committee. Now that we have a name we would like to announce the committee on social media. Joe had some ideas about what we would say in this. Please share and we can get his […]


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