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July 4th 2020

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Running Movies — Part III

Here’s hoping that nice long list from Amazon Prime still has you occupied, as the selection of running movies on Netflix is much more sparse.  They even removed Forrest Gump from their library!  Next week, the YouTube list promises to be nice & lengthy, with plenty of amusing shorts.  As always, chime in with additions […]

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The Great FCRC Quarantine Scavenger Hunt

Stay Safe. Socially Distance. Exercise outside only if appropriate. While group runs are on moratorium, let’s add some community fun to your solo runs & family walks! Scavenger Hunt items come in 3 categories: Find As Many As You Can (1pt each) Find The Best (1-20pts) (photo required – FCRC Social Committee will assign points […]

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Running/Workout Music

We’re likely running or working out alone more often these days. So, we might be using (or needing) music even more than usual. Do you have some songs that you have to listen to to get you going, to motivate you? What are your favorite tunes? Do you have playlist you have created on Spotify […]

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