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Equity, Inclusion and Outreach Committee Meeting Notes

Notes from the last two committee meetings:      7/14/2020: We have a name! We decided to call it the Equity, Inclusion and Outreach Committee. Now that we have a name we would like to announce the committee on social media. Joe had some ideas about what we would say in this. Please share and we can get his […]

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Favorite Recipes

We’re at home more these days so might be cooking more than normal. Do you have some favorite recipes? Please submit them so we share the recipe(s) with other FCRC members. There are two ways to do so: Email us at with the info (link to recipe or the entire recipe — a scanned […]

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Running Movies — Part IV

Here’s a small collection of recommended running videos that can be found on YouTube (and a couple Vimeo).  Anywhere from feature length to 2 minutes shorts. There are a couple rentals mixed in, but 95% are free.Check the bottom to see a some local goodies from FCRC, the Horsetooth Half & Gnar Runners.  The list may be slightly biased toward trail/ultrarunning, but […]

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