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Board meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month, and are open to all club members.  Nominations for Board Members (up to 12) are made late each summer, and voted on at the Fall Member Breakfast.

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[Archive of past board members]

Andy Auer, Acting President

I’m originally from Lake Forest, California, and moved to Fort Collins in 2013 – I’ve been running with the Fort Collins Running Club ever since! My pronouns are they/them/theirs. I graduated from CSU in May 2017, with a B.S. in geology and a minor in history. I am also a board member for NoCo Equality, and I’m very excited for this year’s Pride festivities! My hobbies include running, reading, and knitting. Whether at work at The Forks, up in Livermore, enjoying a brew around town, or out running the trails up at Horsetooth, I love living and working in northern Colorado.

Josh Fay, Secretary

I have been an avid runner since my early 20’s. I got my start running with group of trail runners in Winter Park, CO. I found that I loved the sport, despite not really having a runner’s build and not growing up as a runner.
I moved to Greeley in the mid 2000’s and ran with the Bell’s Running Group. When I moved to Fort Collins I started running with Jane Welzel and the TNT group, around 10 years ago.
Since Jane’s passing, I have been one of the TNT group leaders, along with Jennifer Lee and Chris McCullough. I help post workouts and lead the group during the winter months. In addition, I have been one of the co-directors of the Mountain Avenue Mile, for the past three years.
Professionally, I am the controller for the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurants and Rare Italian. I have been with the Rio since 2002.

Shannon Smith, Treasurer

I am very enthusiastic about fitness. I have always stayed active, but in college, I got into running trail and road for varied distances. This love for running turned into longer competitive runs after I moved to Colorado 16 years ago with my husband and son. I have coupled my love for running into cross training in swimming and biking to compete in multiple triathlons in recent years. I also love to participate in obstacle races, Go Ruck challenges, and I coach Crossfit at a local gym.

Kate Schulte, member-at-large

I have been running since I was a teenager kate-abby-firekrackerand I now enjoy running and racing with all three of my kids, two dogs, and one husband. I also compete in triathlons and duathlons, but love that you can almost always go for a run! I occasionally race with an Athletes in Tandem participant and love being able to share the joy of running with those who cannot run alone. When I am not playing outside, I work as a health coach empowering others to move towards a healthier lifestyle. If you see a woman running in south Fort Collins with a golden retriever and a brindled boxer mix, it is probably me, so say hi!

Ken Banwart, member-at-large

ken-banwart-2016I am a graduate of CSU and Realtor in Fort Collins for over 20 years. I have been a member of the FCRC for four years, with three of them spent helping out on the board. I also have a daughter named Morgan.

Tom Schipper, member-at-large

Tom SchipperI’ve been running for about 30 years and am over 60 years old. For almost the first half of my running career, running was secondary to other activities such as cycling, racquetball and volleyball. In 1996, I was asked by fellow FCRC club members if I would like to join them for the Seattle Marathon. I knew I had to hang the bike up at least for that year when I said yes.

For years, I had thought about running a full marathon but didn’t want to make the same mistake I did for my first half marathon by not properly training. In the first half marathon, I had never run anything longer than a 10k even in training until the weekend before the race. I ran 11 laps of a 1.3-mile park loop trail in Greeley where I lived at the time.

I’ve been on the FCRC board since 1996. My favorite distance is the half marathon. At a half earlier this year, someone asked me how many I had run and I couldn’t come up with a top-of-my-head figure, but suspect it’s in the triple digits. I enjoy helping out new runners.

Jed Link, member-at-large

Let’s get real. I run because I like junk food and beer, but I don’t want to look like I consume as much as I do. I sign up for races because the thought of wasting a registration fee motivates me to train. And I love the Fort Collins Running Club because I get to hang out with enthusiastic people who are way better at all of this than I am.

For some reason, I keep signing up for Ragnar races and I did a marathon once through the coastal Redwoods in northern California – mostly so I could put a 26.2 sticker on my car. My first sub-2 hour half marathon was the Horsetooth Half, which is definite proof of a benevolent God who miraculously intervenes in sporting events.

My wife Tiffany and our two kids (ages 3 and 5) finally made it to Fort Collins after chasing an education from coast to coast. We have fallen deeply, madly, stupidly in love with Colorado and Fort Collins. We also enjoy hiking, camping, climbing 14ers (not the scary ones though) and meeting new people.

Chris McCullough, member-at-large

I am a life long runner and Colorado native (from Franktown, CO) who loves playing outdoors, gardening with my wife and being a part of this awesome running community.

I moved to Fort Collins in 1995, ran at CSU (my alma mater) and have worked as a business analyst at HP, Agilent Technologies and for the last 9 years, at UCHealth (formally Poudre Valley Health System).

I co-direct the Tuesday Night Track Series, the Mountain Ave Mile and the Bacon Strip races in memory of our dear friend and running inspiration, Jane Welzel.

I am honored to be a part of the FCRC and look forward to helping foster this unique and supportive running community.

Adrian Macdonald, member-at-large

I moved to Fort Collins from Boston in the fall of 2016 and quickly fell in love with all the great places to run. I enjoy competing in everything from mountain ascents to indoor track races but my focus is on the marathon. I have three consecutive top 100 finishes at the Boston Marathon. In my free time I enjoy eating pizza and ice cream, traveling to soccer matches and watching marathons on TV from start to finish. My biggest non-running accomplishment is my 750 mile hike of the Oregon Desert Trail with no previous long distance hiking experience. As a board member I hope to help make Fort Collins an attractive destination for competitive runners looking for a great place to work, train and race.

Jennifer Fishman, member-at-large

At this point, I’m kind of from all over the place, but have been in Fort Collins since July of 2017. I started running cross country as a middle schooler because my mom did it and I thought it was cool and, as an added bonus, because of the lack of required coordination, I was actually pretty good at it. These days, I mostly run roads and, when I can, bring my two dogs (and sometimes husband) along. When I’m not running, you can usually find me drawing/designing or playing on ninja warrior obstacles.

Bernadette Kuhn, member-at-large

I started trail running in my mid-twenties while living in Laramie, Wyoming, captivated by the sinuous Happy Jack trail system. I ran the Silent Trails race in 2007, and became hooked on trail running and racing. I moved to Fort Collins in 2011, and have since spent many happy hours running the trails in northwest Fort Collins and chasing my son on his Strider bike. As a board member, I am excited to promote the inclusive spirit of FCRC, and to use my background as a resource development specialist to help secure funding for new projects.

Felix Wong, Webmaster (Ex-Oficio)

felix-wong-bismarck-marathon-2012.jpgI am a mechanical engineer and aficionado of anything on wheels. When not doing manic engineering or maintaining the website for the FCRC, I enjoy crazy-long bike rides, traveling the world, and running of course! In the past I have done Ironman triathlons and ultramarathons, but nowadays mainly do FCRC Tortoise & Hare races. A lifetime goal is to run a marathon in every state.

Paid Positions

Mel Sirois, Administrative Coordinator

I started running in 2001 when my aunt had me do a 5k. It’s all gone downhill, in a good way, since then. I ran my first marathon in 2003 and got hooked. I am aiming to complete the 26.2 distance in all states; over halfway there. I moved to CO in 2017 and now have found more ways to appreciate the outdoors. I got even more into hiking and hit many 14ers my first year here. Besides that I teach at a few gyms in the area, love traveling (have visited all seven continents), enjoy
cooking & baking and being involved in the community.


Race Management:  Kate Schulte (chair), Tom Schipper, Bernadette Kuhn

Sponsorships and Grants:  Ken Banwart (chair), Adrian Macdonald, Shannon Smith, Tom Schipper

Running U:  Andy Auer (chair), Jed Link, Tom Schipper, Shannon Smith, Nick Clark, Jen van der Sloot, Chris McCullough

Social:  Brad Bishop (chair), Jed Link, Melody White, Joel White, Dan Yap, Lisa Sinclair, Tiffani Walker, Laura Smith

Track: Chris McCullough (chair), Adrian Macdonald, Josh Fay, Kate Schulte, Nick Lobejko

School and Community Funding: Bernadette Kuhn (chair), Chris McCullough, Kate Schulte, Nick Clark

Policy Task Force: Brad Bishop, Kate Schulte, Jed Link, Tom Schipper