Sponsored & Discounted Races

FCRC members receive discounts to all these races. FCRC members can instantly unlock the discount codes by logging into their accounts.

Please do not share discount codes with non-members. But please encourage them to join the club!

FCRC's Own Races

Date Race Discount Amount Discount Code
Oct-AprTortoise & HareFree for all members-
2022-04-10Horsetooth Half Marathon$20 discountFCRC members: email race director for custom discount code

Races Sponsored by the FCRC

The following races are sponsored, but not organized, by the Fort Collins Running Club through its Event Sponsorships program.

Date Race Discount Amount Discount Code
2021-12-11Sweaty Sweater$5 discountLogin for Discount Code

Unsponsored Races that Give FCRC Discounts