The FCRC has a variety of committees that help with the club and in the community. If you are interested in being a member of any of these, please contact us.

Community Giving and Grants:

Mission Statement: The mission of the FCRC Community Grants Committee is to foster a healthier community and a love of running by administering monetary grants on a rolling basis for schools other running-related programs in Northern Colorado.

Members: Kate Schulte (acting chair), Nick Clark, Lucien Darjeun Meadows, Katie Portacci, Robbie Jenson, Maria Pastore, Shannon Smith, Julie Davenport, Jasmin Yan, Cassady Birdsong


Mission Statement: The Equity, Inclusion, and Outreach Committee (EIO) was started in 2020 as a member-driven initiative to address and raise awareness about inequity and exclusion in our running community. Its purpose is two-fold. It serves the FCRC in an advisory capacity on issues of EIO. It also collaborates with club members and community partners to develop and provide creative, community-engaged ways to promote a more welcoming and inclusive running community.

Members: AJ Chlebnik (chair), Adrian Macdonald, Annmarie Kirkpatrick, Kelly Dumesnil, Kristin Monser-Gray, Lucien Darjeun Meadows, Becca Blumberg, Kate Schulte

Marketing: Linda Shoemaker (chair), Brad Bishop, Jen Fishman, Adrian MacDonald, Mel Sirois

Policy Task Force: Brad Bishop, Kate Schulte, Tom Schipper, Bob Malone

Race Management:   

Mission Statement: The Race Management Committee exists to help support club-owned races. As of 2022, the club owns the Horsetooth Half Marathon, the FireKracker 5k, the Resolution Run, the Tortoise and Hare series, and the NoCo All- Comers Track Meet Series. We collaborate with the race directors to make sure the races run smoothly and are profitable enough to support the Club’s programs. In addition, we strive to provide the FCRC members and our community with an enjoyable and competitive race experience at a reasonable price.

Members: Kate Schulte (chair), Nick Clark, Adrian Macdonald, Tom Schipper, Linda Shoemaker, Lisa Sinclair, Bob Malone

Race Sponsorships

Mission Statement: Giving back to the community and charitable organizations by supporting local races through monetary sponsorships and promotion, while offering discounts to the Fort Collins Running Club members.

Members: Ken Banwart (chair), Adrian Macdonald, Bob Malone, Tom Schipper, Shannon Smith

Running U: Jen Fishman (co-chair), Joel White (co-chair), Dean Bennett, Karen Bennett, Nick Clark, Bob Malone, Shannon Smith, Melody White, Jim Peterson, Cassady Birdsong, Becca Blumberg, Shelly Pedergnana, Brad Bishop


Mission Statement: To engage the local running community in fun experiences that allow for interaction outside of the regular group run/race dynamic. This includes hosting activities, providing pizzazz to regular events, and welcoming creativity to expand the club’s scope of running-related enjoyment.

Members: Brad Bishop (chair), Dean Bennett, Karen Bennett, Cassady Birdsong, Jen Fishman, Nelly Lopez, Kate Schulte, Lisa Sinclair, Laura Smith, Ryan Smith, Shannon Smith, Joel White, Melody White, Dan Yap


Mission Statement:  To inspire a healthier community by getting people excited about running and the sport of Track and Field. 

Members: Chris McCullough (chair), Clint Anders, Josh Fay, Adrian Macdonald, Bob Malone, Matt Lubick, Kate Schulte, Marie Robinson, Ruth Waller


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