Running U is ALWAYS looking for reliable volunteers! Please click below to fill out the 2022 Volunteer Application Form and we will get back to you. Also below please find a brief description of each volunteer opportunity and you can find more information about the programs on their individual page. 




The head coach will familiarize themself with the base plan of their program and be comfortable giving input on modifications for individual runners. They must be able to attend at least 75% of their program practices, as we would like the head coach to be familiar with the group of runners and have a strong understanding of where they are in the program and how they are progressing. Our goal is to have 2-3 head coaches PER PROGRAM, but we need at least one. 


The assistant coach will be familiar with the base plan of their program and be able to give individualized feedback to runners as needed. They provide support to the head coaches of the program. They must be able to attend at least 50% of their program practices. 


We are always looking for people able to provide consistent pacing on group runs as well as encouragement to runners! We have no minimum attendance requirement for these volunteers, but the more often they are able to attend, the better, as it is helpful for program participants to have familiar faces at each session.


Set cones as required for turnarounds on the course and set out gels/water at appropriate location(s). There is no minimum attendance requirement for this. 


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