Race Management Committee Report

The Race Management Committee exists to oversee the three FCRC-owned races: the Horsetooth Half MarathonFireKracker 5k, and Resolution Run. These races are managed by Gnar Runners and Green Events, both locally owned and operated race management companies. The committee ensures that there is an active contract in place with the Race Director of each race and makes sure the contract is reviewed as needed by legal professionals. The committee is also the first line for reviewing prize money changes and making recommendations to the Board for any changes in prize money or other race details. The Race Committee also helps with the Tortoise & Hare series: a low-key “handicap” series of seven races that are run monthly from October to April, typically on the first or second Sunday of the month. Computer-predicted times allow runners of all levels to compete equally. Runners start at staggered intervals with faster runners (Hares) trying to catch slower runners (Tortoises). The committee coordinates with the Race Director (currently Gnar Runners) of this series to make sure any permits required are in place and helps set date changes as needed. 2020 has proven to be a difficult year for racing with a pandemic, and the Race Committee has worked with our Race Directors to decide when a race needs to be cancelled/made virtual and help with the policy surrounding race deferrals for those already registered. When racing is back to normal, FCRC has plans to start a race series where runners will get points based on how they perform at seven different local races. Race management will be helping to implement this system and make sure the prize money is awarded in January of the following year.

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