Equity, Inclusion and Outreach Committee Meeting Notes

Notes from the last two committee meetings:


  1. We have a name! We decided to call it the Equity, Inclusion and Outreach Committee. Now that we have a name we would like to announce the committee on social media. Joe had some ideas about what we would say in this. Please share and we can get his rolling. 
  2. We discussed the best way for the board to gather input from the club members that would be less intimidating than going to a board meeting. We decided that we could have a survey on the Club website where people could express any issues, complaints, compliments, etc. This survey would be open all the time. You could leave your name and contact or post anonymously. We can also set up an email address that would serve a similar purpose. Second, we could host open meetings that are designed for the community to address the board in person and have a discussion. There would be no running component to these meetings. There would be 2-4 throughout the year. 
  3.  The committee will host a fundraising event in September. Participants will pledge a dollar amount per mile they run over a week or a weekend. The club will collect that money and distribute it to a charity that supports running and POC or create a fund to provide free race entries though a nomination or application process. The two charities we will contact first are Black Girls Run and Black Men Run. We also ask if they would like to attend a Committee meeting. This committee will be in charge of organizing the event with promotional help from the marketing committee.
  4. Please feel free to share any ideas you have to update the Club mission statement. At some date in the future Becca would like to discuss the mission statement and the need for change with the whole Board.


Our event, to be named later, will take place from September 14th to the 20th. Runners will pledge a certain amount of money per mile that they run over the course of the week. They can also collect pledges from family and friends. AJ is going to work on a Google doc similar to the one used for Frost Points. Pledges can be public or anonymous. We will reach out to the Cultural Enrichment Center, Black Men Run and Black Girls run to see if we can create some sort of partnership that would be the beneficiary of our event. The nature of the partnership still needs to be worked out. We will leave it up to Mel (FCRC administrator coordinator) to decide what the easiest way to collect money would be. The Running Club Grants Committee will be able to provide some matching funds. We will ask the running stores and maybe other local companies to offer prizes for things like most mileage, longest run, most elevation gain, etc. 

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