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More info on our T&H races, including how it works and current series standings, can be found on our Tortoise & Hare page.

This Sunday: Fossil Creek Park 5k T&H race

FCRC logoOur next Tortoise & Hare race is upon us this coming weekend. Here’s all the details you need to know before arriving on Sunday morning:

Where: Fossil Creek Park (Parking Lot off of Lemay Ave)
When: ~8 A.M., depending on your start time.
Course Map: Click here

For new T&H participants (if you have not run in past 2 years), enter your predicted time online.

For returning participants, look up your start time and wave online.

SHOW YOUR BRONCOS SUPER BOWL PRIDE! Wear your favorite T-shirt, jersey… or did you happen to notice the colors of your new RunningU shirt?

Breakfast and Coffee provided after the race at Raintree Athletic Club. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN COFFEE MUG! FCRC travel mugs will be on sale for $5.

Not planning on running? Volunteer! Email us if you are willing to work the start/finish line on Sunday:

A Few Reminders about Running in Groups and Races

As the club continues to grow, our group runs and races are getting more crowded, especially at the finish of our TnH races. Fun and safety are our top priorities at all our club events. Here are a few things to remember when running with the club, and anywhere else:

  • When on the road, run against the flow of traffic and stay single file, especially on narrow shoulders.
  • When on the trail, stay to the right and try not to make sudden change of directions that might inhibit runners behind you. If running side by side your buddy, make sure there is plenty of room for other runners/cars to pass both from behind and from the other direction. Otherwise, remain single file.
  • Alert other runners when you are passing them, especially during our TnH races, where the final stretch is crowded by design. Say “ON YOUR LEFT” so they know you’re coming.
  • All our events are stroller/pet friendly as long as they are not impeding other runners. When running with dogs, please use a short, non-extendable leash so that your furry friends stay under control at your side and can’t zig-zag in front of other runners.
  • Accidents are obviously unavoidable. While we all want to achieve Tortoise & Hare fame, the safety and well-being of our fellow runners should always take precedent. If you happen to cause an accident, or see someone go down, please take the time to make sure everyone is alright before proceeding.

Edora Park 8k recap, and Week 2 of Running U

FCRC Runners shrug off single digit temps!

Sundays aren’t for sleeping in and staying under the covers on cold mornings for this crowd. There were 122 of you that made your way to Edora Park to run 8K in 5 degree weather. That makes us 4 races out of 4 this year that we’ve attracted over 100 racers. Many of you came to Raintree Athletic Club afterward to reap the rewards of free bagels, donuts, and coffee. Dan Berlin, our president offered some words of wisdom from his running adventures. Katie Quatrano and Nick Clark shared some advice and tips regarding our Horsetooth Half RunningU training.

We have some pictures of the frozen morning. If you were there, there’s probably a picture of you on our Facebook page. Also, there are a few more photos in Felix Wong’s race report.


Week 2 of Running U is now!

When all was said and done today, we had over 200 people register for RunningU and start their training for the 2016 Horsetooth Half Marathon. Although registration is closed for RunningU, any club member can still take part in our training runs and programs, as well as take part in the Facebook and Listserve to reach out to the group, ask questions, find running buddies, and keep motivated in the cold and ice. Sorry, it’s just too late to get a T-shirt. The next RunningU hosted run will be from New Belgium Brewing on Sunday, January 17 at 9am.

Keep track of all the program updates on the RunningU Listserve. This week’s program was posted this morning. If you are registered, but have not been receiving the RunningU listserve emails, please contact us at

Reminder: Edora Park 8k T&H this Sunday

FCRC logoEdora Park 8K is this Sunday at 8 A.M. This is the next Tortoise & Hare race, and is also the next group run for RunningU. Parking and the start are near the baseball fields of Edora Park when entering from Stuart Street. (Map of Edora Park, 420 E. Stuart Street)

If you’re new to TnH races, it’s all about anyone having the same ability to win a race as any other! Since we handicap your start time, we need anyone that hasn’t run a TnH in the past 2 years to enter a predicted start time. You’ll be given a wave number (and time of day). Remember that time at the start and listen for your wave number!

If you’re already in the TnH database, don’t forget to look for your wave number and start time before race day.

A quick guide to wave numbers: For most, your wave number equates to your start time after 8am. Example: Wave 25 = 8:25:00am, Wave 25B = 8:25:30am
(Exceptions are those that start before 8am and after 9am, as these will appear as the same wave number right now. Please make note of this when looking up your number.)

One last remember: As the distances get longer, the spread of start times gets wider. Please show up in enough time to warm up and make it to the start, but not too early to sit around and get cold!

We could use a few good volunteers to help at the start and finish!
If you aren’t running, but have the time to volunteer, please contact us at

If you ever have a running related event that you want to promote or include in the weekly email, please let us know at

New Check In Procedure for this Sunday’s T&H

FCRC logoThis Sunday is the Warren Park 5k Tortoise & Hare race! Remember to set your clocks back an hour due to Daylight Savings Time.

Since there was record turnout with 163 runners at the last T&H race, we are implementing a new check in procedure. This hopefully help reduce the long lines before the race!

New Check In Procedure

  1. Check your start time and wave BEFORE Nov 1 race
    • A handicap lookup tool has been added to the website so that runners can check their handicap and start time ahead of time. The output from the lookup tool will let runners know their start time, wave number and also who they are starting with. The last piece is to encourage sociability among runners of similar abilities.
    • If you are a first timer (or have not participated in the previous 2 years), submit your predicted time by 7 pm on October 31.
    • If you do not submit a time, you must arrive by 7:40 to get your predicted start time
    • A print out of waves will be available as a back-up only
  2. Arrive at Warren Park before 8am (this is for the safety of all runners)
  3. Listen for your wave to be announced
    • This will be a few minutes before your start
    • Line up with your wave
    • Your name will be marked off before the wave starts
    • You must start in your assigned wave
  4. When you cross the finish, grab your lollipop stick
    • Stand in line to turn in your stick with your name

Pets and Strollers Welcome

This race does run along a sidewalk so please share the lane!

Free Bagels & Coffee Afterward

Join us at Raintree Athletic Club after the race for free bagels, coffee, and a chance to win 2 tickets to Run Free. Bring your own coffee mug!


Get one more use out of that Halloween costume. Come dressed in your costume and you could win 2 tickets to the Run Free movie November 2!

Oct. 11: Rolland Moore Park 4k T&H + Membership Breakfast

Please join us October 11 for the first Tortoise & Hare (4k) at Rolland Moore Park. The race begins at 8 A.M., but please arrive at 7:30 to register! If this is your first race, or first race in two years, please fill out your predicted time in advance. The Tortoise & Hare series is a great way to get back into running and challenge yourself in a fun environment. The club provides breakfast after each Tortoise & Hare.

Immediate following the run, we will kick off the Fall Membership Meeting and Breakfast. (Burritos are available to current members. You can renew online or at the race.) We will have prizes to give away and open discussion with the membership.

Please RSVP to get your breakfast burrito!

This first Tortoise & Hare race is a great time for new members to join (and new runners to start their journey)! It is free for members and $10 for non-members.

Reports From Previous Races

Haven’t done a Tortoise & Hare race before and want to get a feel for what racing it is like? See this blog post for the 2013 Rolland Moore Park 4k!

Also, here are photos from the 2014 race.

Flyer for the 2015 Rolland Moore Park 4k Tortoise & Hare Race and Membership Breakfast.
Flyer for the 2015 Rolland Moore Park 4k Tortoise & Hare Race and Membership Breakfast.