This Sunday: Fossil Creek Park 5k T&H race

FCRC logoOur next Tortoise & Hare race is upon us this coming weekend. Here’s all the details you need to know before arriving on Sunday morning:

Where: Fossil Creek Park (Parking Lot off of Lemay Ave)
When: ~8 A.M., depending on your start time.
Course Map: Click here

For new T&H participants (if you have not run in past 2 years), enter your predicted time online.

For returning participants, look up your start time and wave online.

SHOW YOUR BRONCOS SUPER BOWL PRIDE! Wear your favorite T-shirt, jersey… or did you happen to notice the colors of your new RunningU shirt?

Breakfast and Coffee provided after the race at Raintree Athletic Club. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN COFFEE MUG! FCRC travel mugs will be on sale for $5.

Not planning on running? Volunteer! Email us if you are willing to work the start/finish line on Sunday:

A Few Reminders about Running in Groups and Races

As the club continues to grow, our group runs and races are getting more crowded, especially at the finish of our TnH races. Fun and safety are our top priorities at all our club events. Here are a few things to remember when running with the club, and anywhere else:

  • When on the road, run against the flow of traffic and stay single file, especially on narrow shoulders.
  • When on the trail, stay to the right and try not to make sudden change of directions that might inhibit runners behind you. If running side by side your buddy, make sure there is plenty of room for other runners/cars to pass both from behind and from the other direction. Otherwise, remain single file.
  • Alert other runners when you are passing them, especially during our TnH races, where the final stretch is crowded by design. Say “ON YOUR LEFT” so they know you’re coming.
  • All our events are stroller/pet friendly as long as they are not impeding other runners. When running with dogs, please use a short, non-extendable leash so that your furry friends stay under control at your side and can’t zig-zag in front of other runners.
  • Accidents are obviously unavoidable. While we all want to achieve Tortoise & Hare fame, the safety and well-being of our fellow runners should always take precedent. If you happen to cause an accident, or see someone go down, please take the time to make sure everyone is alright before proceeding.

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