Remember to Register for Sunday’s Lee Martinez Park 10k T&H race

FCRC logoThis Sunday is the Lee Martinez Park 10k Tortoise & Hare race, and explained in the last post, we are trying a new registration process to try to make the race go smoother (especially at the finish).

Follow these 5 quick and easy steps to get yourself and the race organizers ready for the race:

  1. Look up your wave number and start time. New runners and those that have not raced in the past 2 years will be prompted to enter a predicted time based on a recent race or run.
  2. signupClick the button to register. Registration closes Saturday at noon.
  3. Show up 30 minutes before your start time to check in and get your number.
  4. Listen to your friendly volunteer race organizers for instructions and start announcements.

What to Know on Race Day

  • Show up 30 minutes before your start time and get your number at the check-in table. Waves will stretch from just before 8 to just after 9 for this race, so plan accordingly.
  • Listen to the wave number announcements and line up when your wave is announced (4-5 waves in advance).
  • Please do not crowd around the start corral until your wave is called. Crowd noise, excited dogs, and stroller occupants can make it difficult for our wave organizers.
  • All runners (dogs included) should stay to the right, except to pass. Please do not stretch across the path (especially leashes), as this will create a hazard for runners around you.
  • “ON YOUR LEFT!” Make it known that you are passing from behind.
  • There is a road crossing at Taft Hill Road with no traffic control. Look both ways before crossing. Cars, trucks, and bikes always win against Tortoises and Hares.
  • After you finish, stay in order inside the chute. Tear off your finish tag from your number, and hand it to the volunteer at the end of the chute.

See you at Sunday’s race!

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