New Tortoise & Hare Registration and Race Day Process

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As mentioned in our weekly newsletter, we will be making some changes to the Tortoise & Hare registration and race day process for the final two races of this season, and will continue to evolve the process as we move into next season. These changes are a result of the exponential growth we have seen in both club membership and race participation, in combination with some feedback received from some of our members.

The very nature of the Tortoise ‘n Hare races makes for some very challenging logistics (i.e., multiple starts and a flood at the finish), so we ask all potential racers to review this email in its entirety so you know exactly how you can help make these trademark FCRC events run smoothly. Our ultimate goal is to make your TnH experience as simple and enjoyable as possible, and this new process should not be unlike most of your race experiences!

Race Pre-registration

The Tortoise ‘n Hare will be instituting a free registration website for each race, and we ask ALL runners to preregister for each upcoming race. For the remainder of this season, the registration website will be announced in the Monday newsletter prior to the race, along with Facebook and Listserve messages throughout the week. The site will remain open until noon on the Saturday prior to the race.

Benefits of preregistration include:

  • Insight and data for our volunteer race organizers to prepare for race day.
  • A reusable profile for members & families to use for easy registration for subsequent races.
  • Automatic registration confirmations, detailing what you need to know for race day.

In order to complete registration, you will need to provide your start wave number:

  • New runners (those that have not run a TnH in the past 2 years) need to be added to our database by providing an estimated time based on a recent run or race. ENTER YOUR PREDICTED TIME HERE
  • All runners (even new runners) need to look up their wave number and start time, and enter it in their registration. LOOK UP YOUR WAVE NUMBER HERE

Of course, race day registrations will still be available, but we ask that you please preregister prior to race day to make it easier on all of us.

Race Numbers

We will be instituting a race number/tag system in order to make the start and finish run more smoothly. This is why preregistration is so important!

Preregistration will allow us to prepare race numbers more efficiently . N umbers will have your name, wave number, and start time printed on them to help us identify runners at the start and provide a more streamlined finish process.

Race day registrations will need to be handwritten, which will slow down the check-in process for everyone.

Race Day

The race day procedures will be as follows:

Race Check-In

  • Runners are to arrive 30 minutes prior to their allotted start time. Another reason for preregistering and knowing your start time prior to race morning!!
  • Runners will report to the check-in table to receive their race number and safety pins. Please secure your number someplace easily visible by our volunteers.
  • A race number is required to start the race!

Race Start

  • As runners are set to begin, volunteers will be announcing and organizing waves, 4-5 waves in advance. Please pay attention to these announcements and be in line and in your wave group well before your start time.
  • Volunteers will be double checking wave numbers and making sure you are starting in the correct wave.

Our goal is to purchase a large clock that will help runners be more aware of their start time, but this will most likely not be in place for the Lee Martinez 10K in March.

Race Finish

  • As you cross the finish line, please stay in order in the finish chute.
  • Volunteers will be helping organize runners and giving instructions.
  • Runners should tear off the removable tag from their race number while in the chute.
  • At the end of the finish chute, hand over your tag to the volunteer.

There will be no more posicle sticks or manual recording of finishers. You must have a tag in order to have an official result.

As always, if you have any questions please email

Look for the registration link on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 29!!!

Thank you for your consideration and attention to this matter!


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