New Check In Procedure for this Sunday’s T&H

FCRC logoThis Sunday is the Warren Park 5k Tortoise & Hare race! Remember to set your clocks back an hour due to Daylight Savings Time.

Since there was record turnout with 163 runners at the last T&H race, we are implementing a new check in procedure. This hopefully help reduce the long lines before the race!

New Check In Procedure

  1. Check your start time and wave BEFORE Nov 1 race
    • A handicap lookup tool has been added to the website so that runners can check their handicap and start time ahead of time. The output from the lookup tool will let runners know their start time, wave number and also who they are starting with. The last piece is to encourage sociability among runners of similar abilities.
    • If you are a first timer (or have not participated in the previous 2 years), submit your predicted time by 7 pm on October 31.
    • If you do not submit a time, you must arrive by 7:40 to get your predicted start time
    • A print out of waves will be available as a back-up only
  2. Arrive at Warren Park before 8am (this is for the safety of all runners)
  3. Listen for your wave to be announced
    • This will be a few minutes before your start
    • Line up with your wave
    • Your name will be marked off before the wave starts
    • You must start in your assigned wave
  4. When you cross the finish, grab your lollipop stick
    • Stand in line to turn in your stick with your name

Pets and Strollers Welcome

This race does run along a sidewalk so please share the lane!

Free Bagels & Coffee Afterward

Join us at Raintree Athletic Club after the race for free bagels, coffee, and a chance to win 2 tickets to Run Free. Bring your own coffee mug!


Get one more use out of that Halloween costume. Come dressed in your costume and you could win 2 tickets to the Run Free movie November 2!

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