Sunday, April 3: Cottonwood Glen Park 12K T&H

The final Tortoise ‘n Hare is upon us. Whether you are looking to get a rare 12K under your belt, or are sticking to the HTH training plan, please join us for the Cottonwood Glen Park 12K this Sunday. Details about the race can be found at the registration website. Register now!

As a reminder of our new pre-registration and race day policies:

  1. Look up your wave number and start time. New runners and those that have not raced in the past 2 years will be prompted to enter a predicted time based on a recent race or run.
  2. Click here to register. Don’t forget to create a profile so that you can easily register in the future! Registration closes Saturday at noon.
  3. Show up 30 minutes before your start time to check in and get your number.
  4. Listen to your friendly volunteer race organizers for instructions and start announcements.
  5. Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot until you finish!

Volunteers needed

We’re looking for some volunteers for our last Tortoise and Hare this Sunday, April 3rd. The race is a 12k that starts at Cottonwood Glen Park. It’s a great time to get to know other runners in FCRC and give back some time to your club.

Go to and SIGN UP to Volunteer now!


It has come to our attention that there have been several issues concerning pets and leashes during our last few T&H races this past year. In an effort to keep everyone safe and have the most enjoyable event for all, we ask that you please leave your 4-legged friends at home for this race. The unpredictability of our furry partners, mixed with the narrowness of our race courses and record turnout for each race has led us to this difficult decision. Of course, pets are still welcome at all non-race group runs and events, but please respect this new policy at our upcoming race on Sunday.

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