Edora Park 8k recap, and Week 2 of Running U

FCRC Runners shrug off single digit temps!

Sundays aren’t for sleeping in and staying under the covers on cold mornings for this crowd. There were 122 of you that made your way to Edora Park to run 8K in 5 degree weather. That makes us 4 races out of 4 this year that we’ve attracted over 100 racers. Many of you came to Raintree Athletic Club afterward to reap the rewards of free bagels, donuts, and coffee. Dan Berlin, our president offered some words of wisdom from his running adventures. Katie Quatrano and Nick Clark shared some advice and tips regarding our Horsetooth Half RunningU training.

We have some pictures of the frozen morning. If you were there, there’s probably a picture of you on our Facebook page. Also, there are a few more photos in Felix Wong’s race report.


Week 2 of Running U is now!

When all was said and done today, we had over 200 people register for RunningU and start their training for the 2016 Horsetooth Half Marathon. Although registration is closed for RunningU, any club member can still take part in our training runs and programs, as well as take part in the Facebook and Listserve to reach out to the group, ask questions, find running buddies, and keep motivated in the cold and ice. Sorry, it’s just too late to get a T-shirt. The next RunningU hosted run will be from New Belgium Brewing on Sunday, January 17 at 9am.

Keep track of all the program updates on the RunningU Listserve. This week’s program was posted this morning. If you are registered, but have not been receiving the RunningU listserve emails, please contact us at info@fortcollinsrunningclub.org.

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