The T&H Algorithm has been revised!

We refined the algorithm for this year’s Tortoise & Hare series so that the “adjustment factor” is proportional to the increase in distance. Bottom line: the algorithm should be more accurate!

For those who want the geeky details, you can read about it on the Tortoise & Hare page.

Correspondingly, our Race Calculator that can predict your finishing time for any race (of any distance) is more accurate. It uses your times from the last two seasons’ worth of T&H races to make a prediction.

The first T&H race will be Sunday, October 14th at Rolland Moore Park. It is 4k. Please be there at 7:45 a.m.

2 thoughts on “The T&H Algorithm has been revised!

  1. Hi,

    I have two questions/comments.

    First, your post back in August indicated that the race would be at Rolland Moore – has it been moved? If it’s been moved, is the race still 4k, or is it the 6k course that’s normal for Spring Park?

    Second, I commented on your August post asking if people have used the T&H series to help come back from injury. I’ve had Achilles tendonitis since the spring, took 2+ months off without results, but have found that I actually seem to improve by doing short runs instead of no running at all. I figured this series could help bring me back, especially since it starts with the shorter distance races.



  2. Thanks for the comment, Scott. I made a mistake—the first race is in fact the Rolland Moore 4k. It’s on Sunday, October 14th. I should stop posting stuff at 2:30 A.M.

    Generally I would advise against hard, fast efforts when coming back from injury, but the distance for the first T&H is short enough that if you don’t overcook it, it might be fine. Definitely listen to your body though. Happy running!

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