Tortoise & Hare Races

First T&H Race for 2012-2013: Rolland Moore 4k

My last post entitled “The T&H Algorithm Has Been Revised” contained some bad information. I mistakenly wrote where the first T&H will be. It is, in fact, at Rolland Moore Park and is 4km, as previously indicated. It’s on Sunday, October 14th. Please arrive at 7:45 A.M. (or earlier) to allow time for signing in. […]

Tortoise & Hare Races

The T&H Algorithm has been revised!

We refined the algorithm for this year’s Tortoise & Hare series so that the “adjustment factor” is proportional to the increase in distance. Bottom line: the algorithm should be more accurate! For those who want the geeky details, you can read about it on the Tortoise & Hare page. Correspondingly, our Race Calculator that can […]


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