T&H Final Standings

Participants of the Spring Creek Canyon 5k, the final race in the 2011-2012 FCRC Tortoise & Hare Series. (Photo: Katie Quatrano)
With this morning’s Spring Canyon Park 5k, the 2011-2012 Tortoise & Hare Series comes to an end. After all seven races in the series, the top five standings and their points totals were as follows:

1. Tom Schipper: 51
2. Brian Walter: 47
3 (tie). Christie Nichols: 46
3 (tie). Marlena Lanini: 46
5. Kelly Cook: 45

Tom lead the series from Race 1 to Race 7, and the final four to round out the top five were separated by only two points. The final race was particularly significant to Kelly, whose first place finish in today’s race allowed her to break into the overall series winners’ circle.

These five were awarded gift certificates for Runners Roost, a local store that has supported both the club and community over the years. (Remember that FCRC members get 15% off all their purchases here and at Foot of the Rockies!)

We had 104 runners participate in this season’s Tortoise & Hare Series. Thanks to everyone for coming out, to Nick Clark who has selflessly directed the race series for five years now, and for the many others who have helped make “the world’s best racing bargain” happen.

The next race series will probably start again in October 2012, if past years are an accurate indicator. See you then!

Full T&H Series Standings

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  1. Thanks Nick for taking the time to put this racing series on! It’s a great way to help each of us find our personal best and enjoy the company of runners of all different skill levels!

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