Spring Canyon Park 5k

An exciting finish at this season's final T&H race! (Photo by Ellen Silva)
Today was the Spring Canyon Park 5k, the final race of the 2011-2012 Fort Collins Running Club Tortoise & Hare Series. It was particularly significant because it would decide the series points standings, of which many people were only separated by a few points!

Unlike last year’s Spring Canyon Park 5k—which featured a loop within a loop—race director Nick Clark came up with a course that was a lot more straightforward. It was out-and-back, going around the dog park onto the new Fossil Creek Trail, and turning around precisely 1.55 miles out.

The finish was very exciting as it came down to two-person sprint for the blue ribbon. Ultimately, Kelly Cook prevailed with Melanie Bukartek just mere seconds behind. Ellen Silva caught the moment on camera, with the photo at the top.

Afterward most of the participants gathered at Rocky Mountain Bagel Co. for delicious bagels and cream cheese while Nick got a lot of practice in mental mathematics in order to determine the series winners. That will be the topic of the next post!

Race Results

Photos from the Spring Canyon Park 5k (Facebook)

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