The Great FCRC Quarantine Scavenger Hunt

Stay Safe. Socially Distance. Exercise outside only if appropriate.

While group runs are on moratorium, let’s add some community fun to your solo runs & family walks!

Scavenger Hunt items come in 3 categories:

  1. Find As Many As You Can (1pt each)
  2. Find The Best (1-20pts)
    (photo required – FCRC Social Committee will assign points based on all submissions)
  3. Find Something Unique (varies)

PLUS – we’ll be revealing daily challenges of unique items around town to find.  Find it on the day it’s revealed = triple points.

Prizes will be awesome!  Including race entries for FCRC-sponsored races, gift certificates to local businesses, etc.  The top 10% who play earn prizes, and everyone is eligible for the random draw.

When does the challenge end?  The same day as the local stay-at-home order.  Currently April 17, but if the order is extended, so is the challenge.

This challenge is for FUN!  Submissions are on the honor system.  A few guidelines:

  • Please submit what you’ve found within 72 hours of finding it (don’t hoard until the end)
  • While photo evidence isn’t required for all, it is more fun.  Tiebreakers are based on photos & use of the #FCRCScavengerHunt hashtag

Find As Many As You Can:

  1. Shirt w/ FCRC logo
  2. Squirrels
  3. Person walking 2+ dogs
  4. Deer
  5. Dog Poop Station
  6. Painted Utility Box
  7. Historical Marker
  8. Brewery
  9. Lilac Bush
  10. Bald Eagle (3pts)

Find The Best:

  1. Patch of Flowers
  2. Cutest Dog/Cat
  3. Yard Decoration
  4. “Face” in nature
  5. Biggest Pine Cone
  6. Strava Art
  7. Bike Helmet
  8. Tacky Vehicle
  9. Sunrise/Sunset
  10. COVID-19 Awareness Sign

Find Something Unique:

  1. BLACK Squirrel (5pts)
  2. Railroad Spike (not in the ground) (5pts)
  3. Police on a Bike (5pts)
  4. Clock & Pace match on treadmill screen (10pts)
  5. 4 Leaf Clover (10pts)
  6. Dog in Bike Trailer (10pts)
  7. Take out from locally owned restaurant (10pts)
  8. Cat in a Stroller (20pts)
  9. Runner with Pacer Shirt or Flag (20pts)
  10. Train with >4 locomotives (20pts)

Day 1 Bonus:  Sign, 15pts

Day 1 Bonus: Frog, 10pts

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