Running Movies — Part IV

Here’s a small collection of recommended running videos that can be found on YouTube (and a couple Vimeo).  Anywhere from feature length to 2 minutes shorts. There are a couple rentals mixed in, but 95% are free.
Check the bottom to see a some local goodies from FCRC, the Horsetooth Half & Gnar Runners.  
The list may be slightly biased toward trail/ultrarunning, but what do you expect when a MUT runner is chair of the club’s Social Committee? Got road/track recommendations to round things out?  Videos that were missed?  Please comment below!

Showing Up


Forest Gump

The Long Green Line

Patriots Day

Chariots of Fire

McFarland, USA



Bannister: Everest on the Track

Saint Ralph

The Jericho Mile

The Most Elusive Man on Earth

Western Time

52 Peaks

The Triple Crown of 200s

The Unknown

Set Free

Great Himalaya Trail, High Route

The 100 Mile King

The Road to 135

From Squaw to Auburn

More Than A Race

The Lion and the Gazelle

On The Road

15 Hours With Amelia Boone

The Source

Kroger’s Canteen

Life In A Day

The Musician

Found On 49

Why We Run

Finding Traction


How One Wrong Turn Changed Jim Walmsley’s Career

My Addiction

Pacing Hardrock

The Teacher

15 Hours With Magdalena Boulet

Western States 100 The Window Seat


Into Patagonia With Dakota Jones

15 Hours with Anton Krupicka

Heavy As Lead

A Mile An Hour

Moab 240 Ultramarathon

Don’t Be That Awkward Runner

30 Ways Runners Differ From Non-Runners

Distance Runners vs Sprinters

How To Be An Ultrarunner

Becoming an Ultrarunner

How To Run 100 Miles

Sh*t Ultrarunners Say

Do Not Go Gentle

The Ingenuous Choice

15 Hours with Ann Trason

Kara Goucher: On Life, Motherhood & Recovery

15 Hours With Brett Rivers

Anton Krupicka – Purpose

Longs Peak Triathlon

ROOTED – The Story of HURT

Miller vs. Hawks

Becoming a Marathoner

Father & Daughter Run A 100 Miles

INEOS 1:59 Challenge

Of Fells and Hills

Every Single Street

A Long Day Out with Kilian Jornet


Runner vs. Base Jumper


What Happens To Your Body During An Ultramarathon

Anton Krupicka – Run

Tom Evans: Zero to 100

Where Dreams Go To Die

The Tarahumara

The Double

A Decade On

The 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials – The Window Seat

Mont Blanc

Leadman: The Dave Mackey Story

Leadville – The Window Seat

Life On Your Terms

Animas Means Soul

Camp Hardrock

Run the Line

The Ultra Addict

Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra

Born to Run: The Kenyan Secrets

That Dam Hill

Alberto Salazar: Doping in Athletics

8 Stages of Marathon Running

Last Woman Standing

Out There

Running For Freedom

The Gathering

Horsetooth Half 2019

Horsetooth Half 2018

Horsetooth Half 2017

2019 Running U Kickoff

Quad Rock 25

Never Summer 100k

Blue Sky Marathon

Black Squirrel Half Marathon

Quad Rock 50

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