Spring Canyon Park 5K – Tortoise & Hare

We’re excited for the 2nd Tortoise & Hare race of the season! It’s a 5k around Spring Canyon Park on Nov 5.

Please be diligent in following ALL instructions when registering. Because of the unique setup of this race series, this means you’ll need to look up your wave number AND sign up. You’ll know you’ve done it right when receive a confirmation email and can see you name on the participant list.
Check Your Registration

We’ll also need a few volunteers to help before and during the race. Volunteers will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card to Altitude Running. Congrats to Tammi Glick, our volunteer winner from October’s race!

2 thoughts on “Spring Canyon Park 5K – Tortoise & Hare

  1. Good morning. Nola, my running partner, and I ran the course this morning unofficially; I didnt see in the event info she couldnt run. I returned my bib when we arrived and was told. Why are dogs not allowed to run? She runs the Equinox(s), other Green Events, and the Runners Roost Group events. She is respectful and excited to be part of the crowd.

  2. Hi Chris, the decision to not allow dogs was jointly made by the club and the city. One of the criteria of their allowing our events is that the trails remain open to regular pedestrians. Between that requirement, the out-and-back nature of most of our courses, the relative narrowness of the bike paths, our recent high participation numbers, and the crowding that results, it was mutually agreed that we should not allow dogs.

    We do love dogs, and they are most welcome at all of our group runs and RunningU training runs – the Tortoise & Hare races are the single exception. Glad to hear she enjoys running with you at events, and hope to see her out at a future club run!

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