Free Active Cancer Exercise Support Group Starting October 15

FYI- as discussed at our club meeting on Sunday:

Please share with members of the community when the need arises. This is NOT a running group.

Free Active Cancer Exercise Support Group Starting October 15th 2014

Contact: Alene Nitzky 970-372-7330

Raintree Athletic Club and Sunspirit Wellness Services are collaborating to offer a free exercise support group to anyone with cancer this winter. The group is facilitated by Alene Nitzky, Ph.D., RN, a health coach and cancer exercise trainer. The National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society recommend exercise both during and after cancer treatment to help improve fatigue and physical functioning.

The group starts October 15th and then meets the first and third Wednesdays of each month until April at Raintree Athletic Club from 6:15 to 7:45 pm. It is free for members and non-members. The group meets in a private area with a private entrance, clean mats, hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes provided.

Sessions consist of gentle exercise and aerobic walking, warmup, cooldown, discussion and learning of safe exercise techniques. Participants are encouraged to stay active during the winter months, increase their level of activity according to their own ability each day, with privacy in a noncompetitive, supportive environment.

The group welcomes anyone recently diagnosed, in cancer treatment (with physician clearance), living with cancer, or those who have completed treatment.


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