Non-FCRC Races

Yet more upcoming races

Here are yet more upcoming races not hosted by the FCRC: May 3: Cinco Cinco 5k run at the CSU Oval. May 11: Mother’s Day Strides for Strength 5k. There are many more races in Fort Collins in the upcoming weeks. Please check out the Race Calendar for the next 15 races. Also, […]

Non-FCRC Races

Upcoming Races

Here are a sampling of some upcoming races not hosted by the FCRC: Rocky Mountain Brew Runs: Join the Brew Runs summer of 2014 for a 10 series Colorado micro brewery tour where we will run an informal 5k course and finish with a ice cold brew. The races will be all over Colorado, but […]


More Training Runs

To keep up momentum from the Tortoise and Hare, the FCRC will host three summer fun group runs. We are looking for ideas and volunteers to assist in various pace groups. Please email with your ideas! New training run Beginning May 5th, Altitude Running will host group runs every Monday at 6:00 P.M. each […]


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