Sunday HTH training run, and other reminders

Reminder this Sunday the Horsetooth Half Training run will begin at 8:30 near Hughes Stadium. Please remember to SPRING FORWARD with your clocks!! The run is informal and each runner can choose their own pace and distance.

Save the date! April 6 is our next (and last) Tortoise and Hare. Immediately following will be our annual membership appreciation breakfast (formerly held in December). More details to follow… but there will be food and prizes!

Looking for a running partner? Please post your weekend runs on our Facebook page! We hope to use this as a way to connect local runners.

Summer running? What do we do when the Tortoise and Hare is over? This summer we will keep the momentum going by hosting a run on the first Sunday of each month. We will look for volunteers to help lead these runs and we want your ideas on where to go! Please follow this link to give us your favorite running spot!

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