Reminder: Rolland Moore 4k T&H race on Sunday

It’s that time of year again!

The first Tortoise and Hare (4k) will take place on October 13 at Rolland Moore Park at 8 am. Please be sure to arrive no later than 7:40 to sign in.

If this is your first race in over a year or you are new to the tortoise and hare, please reply with your estimated time for this race by next Friday, October 11. If you aren’t sure, please check the race calculator. If you enter your name and a time does not come up, you need to send in an estimated time.

We expect a large crowd at the race and your estimated time in advance will help the morning run smoothly.

Remember to be there early so we can get everyone signed in and the race started on time!

Breakfast will follow the race at Raintree athletic club.

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