Clothing Request for Harvest Farms

Here’s another note from Connie, this time regarding running clothes for Harvest Farm residents.

Happy Friday FCRC Members!

This request is aimed at our male members, or female members who know guys who might want to help.

We are again going to do some partnering with Harvest Farm residents to help them stay on the healthy track(pun intended!) on their road to recovery and sobriety. As you know, running clothes can be quite expensive. Steve C. at Runner’s Roost has generously offered to help with shoes for some of the more serious runners and we (FCRC) are pitching a nominal amount for new clothing for them. But there are others who ware just beginning and everyone could use our help.

I am looking for GENTLY used, clean running wear and shoes for men. This is not a “clean out your drawers and closets and give me your old crap” request!! I’m looking for clothing that you either have too much of, rarely wear, don’t like, or doesn’t fit anymore(and isn’t circa 1983). I’m looking for shoes in good shape that you might have bought and decided you didn’t like but didn’t want to get rid of them, or you bought the wrong size. I think you get the picture. It can be difficult to accept used clothing/shoes from someone you don’t know, so I want to share gifts that these gentlemen will be grateful for and glad to have.

Right now it’s cold, so tights, jackets, hats and gloves would be most helpful. We will also be helping Steve to clean out his basement by giving some of the multitude of leftover technical race shirts he has. If you have good quality items that you are no longer using that you would like to give up please reply to this email. If I get a lot of replies, I may set a time and location for drop off so I’m not driving all over the place picking things up.

Thanks for your consideration and happy running!

Connie DeMercurio
FCRC President

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