Fossil Creek Park 5k Recap

Joe and Tim about to start running in the Fossil Creek Park 5k.
Forty-two runners ran in the first Tortoise & Hare race in the new year, braving a starting temperature of a brisk 19 degrees. Connie and Paul filled in for race director Nick (who was off in Texas running an ultramarathon) and did a nice job of sending people out on the course mostly on time despite the complexities of having to figure out when each runner needed to begin. We appreciated everyone’s patience!

The results—including updated series standings—are now up. A note from Paul about the results is below.

Dear Club members,

The results for last Sunday’s T&H are on the web at Some of the early runners started a little later than their staggers indicated, I noted that and adjusted the staggers, so the actual time listed in the results should be time it took to complete the course. If you have any concerns with your actual time let me know . Thanks for everyone’s patience on race day. Complete information on how the race is conducted, staggers calculated and the points awarded is at The regular race director Nick Clark will be back next month!

Thanks, Paul Patterson

See you at the next T&H, an 8k!

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