Archive of Past Board Members

Each September, the Board of Directors vote on the officer positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

In addition, the FCRC has positions for Membership, Webmaster, and various committees.

Board meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month, and are open to all club members.  Nominations for Board Members (up to 12) are made each July/August, and voted on at the August Member Breakfast.

The following archive is incomplete and may contain inaccuracies. If you have any corrections, please email our Webmaster.

[Current board members]


October 2018-February 2019: Brad Bishop
September 2017- October 2018: Kate Schulte & Brad Bishop (co-presidents, no VP)
September 2016-September 2017: Connie DeMercuiro
September 2013-September 2016: Dan Berlin
September 2011-September 2013: Connie DeMercurio
Other past Presidents: Dennis Vanderheiden, Paul Patterson, Ron Michaels (2005), Steve Kirk, Jan Wright, John Lonsdale, Allison Horn, John Blair

Vice President

September 2018-present: Andy Auer
September 2017-September 2018: Empty (see Co-Presidents)
September 2016-September 2017: Katie Quatrano
September 2015-September 2016: Connie DeMercurio
September 2013-September 2015: Ken Banwart
September 2011-September 2013: Dan Berlin


September 2018-present: Josh Fay
September 2016-September 2018: Greg Smith
September 2015-September 2016: Christine Covie
September 2013-September 2015: Greg Smith
?-September 2013: Joanne Harms


September 2018-present: Shannon Smith
September 2017-September 2018: Serena Stockdale
September 2015-September 2017: Cathy Kechter
September 2013-September 2015: Julie Pass
September 2010-September 2011: Connie DeMercurio
Other past Treasurers: Don Inglis-Widrick, Cathy Morgan, Tom Schipper (1998-?)


September 2018-present: Mel Sirois
September 2016-September 2018: Katie Hardy
May 2015-September 2016: Aaron Blum
?-May 2015: Ellen Silva
Other past Membership officers: Katie Quatrano, Helen Balligand (2005)

Members at Large

September 2018-present: Bernadette Kuhn, Adrian Macdonald, Jennifer Fishman, Kate Schulte
September 2017-present: Chad Terpstra, Jed Link, Chris McCullough
September 2017-September 2018: Shannon Smith
September 2016-September 2017: Kate Schulte
September 2016-current:  Andy Auer
September 2016-May 2017: Wendi Sloane
September 2015-September 2016: Cathy Zitti, Greg Smith
September 2012-September 2013: Sydney Gendler
1996-current: Tom Schipper
Other Board Members who may have had some of the official positions above: Jonathan Zeif, Holley Lange, Jamie Weisberg, Art Horn


September 2011-current: Felix Wong
September 2003-September 2011: Ron Michaels


September 2018-present: Mel Sirois
September 2016-September 2018: Katie Hardy
September 2015-September 2016: Aaron Blum
September 2014-September 2015: Cathy Kechter


Race Sponsorships

September 2018-present: Ken Banwart (lead), Tom Schipper, Adrian Macdonald, Shannon Smith
September 2017-September 2018: Ken Banwart (lead), Greg Smith, Shannon Smith
September 2016-September 2017: Ken Banwart (lead), Connie DeMercurio, Wendi Sloane
September 2013-September 2016: Ken Banwart (lead), Greg Smith, Connie DeMercurio

Race Management

September 2018-present: Kate Schulte (lead), Tom Schipper, Bernadette Kuhn
September 2017-September 2018: Tom Schipper (lead), Serena Stockdale, Katie Hardy
September 2016-September 2017: Cathy Ketcher (lead), Tom Schipper, Greg Smith
September 2013-September 2016: Cathy Ketcher (lead), Katie Quatrano, Tom Schipper, Greg Smith


September 2018-present: Brad Bishop (lead), Jed Link, Connie DeMercurio, Lisa Sinclair, Melody White, Dan Yap, Joel White, Tiffani Walker
September 2017-September 2018: Brad Bishop (lead), Jed Link, Connie DeMercurio, Lisa Sinclair, Melody White, Dan Yap, Joel White
September 2016-September 2017: Connie DeMercurio, Felix Wong
September 2013-September 2016: Cathy Zitti (lead), Christine Covie, Daniella Philiber

Running U

September 2018-present: Andy Auer (lead), Jed Link, Tom Schipper, Shannon Smith, Nick Clark, Jennifer Fishman, Chris McCullough
September 2017-September 2018: Serena Stockdale, Jed Link, Katie Quatrano, Shannon Smith, Nick Clark
September 2016-September 2017: Andy Auer (lead), Katie Quatrano
September 2013-September 2016: Katie Quatrano (lead), Christine Covie, Dan Berlin

New Track Project

September 2018-present: Chris McCullough (lead), Adrian Macdonald, Josh Fay, Kate Schulte

Group Runs

(Phased out and merged into Running U in September 2016)
September 2013-September 2016: Aaron Blum (lead), Tom Schipper, Cathy Zitti

Volunteer Coordinator

September 2016-present: Katie Hardy
Early 2016-September 2017: Steve Hulen


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