National Day of Awareness Virtual Run for MMIW

The National Day of Awareness Virtual Run for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) was held May 5-8, 2021.  Held by Native Women Running, it raised awareness and over $30,000 for MMIW USA.  This year, the event had over 3,250 participants, including at least 11 in Fort Collins!  Here are a few reflections from some FCRC participants:


“It made me think for the first time about how the systems that are in place that allow me to feel safe running, and just generally living my life do not exist for many Indigenous women, especially those living on reservations […] By participating in the MMIW virtual event, I was both helping to bring awareness to this crisis as well as providing my support to those who have been directly affected by it and who are working to end it.” – Kelly


“As I ran in red, I reflected on the past, the present, and how I can impact the future.  As a first step, I decided to educate myself on MMIW for the same amount of time spent on my long run.  In the process, I learned about Native Women Running founder, Verna Volker.  So inspiring!  I will continue to explore ways to support the effort to end the MMIW crisis.” – Kristin


“After running alone for the last 14 months, I was grateful to run 42 miles virtually alongside many fellow participants to help stop the annual disappearance and murder of thousands of Indigenous sisters. My miles were around the Horsetooth Reservoir, so here’s to hoping that MMIW shirt helped inspire curiosity and awareness. Let’s help bring everyone home.” – Lucien


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