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Horsetooth Half Marathon course slightly rerouted

Due to a partial closure of the Poudre Trail, the Horsetooth Half Marathon course will be rerouted a bit from previous years. Details:

  • Staging will be at Hughes Stadium as usual.
  • Official start will be .65 miles up the course at the (yellow curve) road sign in the middle of the first switch back.
  • Participants do not have to be at the new start at 8:30 A.M. There will be a chip timing mat at the official start. The start chip mat will be pulled at 8:45 A.M.
  • All participants attempting to win a cash prize will be “gun timed;” all participants attempting to win an age group award will be “net chip time.”
  • There will be a 15-minute temporary road closure for participant safety at 8:20 A.M. from Overland Trail to the first dam.
  • Poudre bike trail detour route: cross over Taft Hill Rd. to east side shoulder, turn right heading south (there is a minor uphill on Taft Hill near the 10-mile mark), left on Vine at round about, east on Vine crossing over Shields to Wood St., right on Wood parallel to the City of Fort Collins utility complex, left onto a wide sidewalk heading east to Lee Martinez park, continue in Lee Martinez to far southeast bike path that leads back to Poudre bike trail, right turn on Poudre Trail, then continue on to New Belgium Brewery.

It’s still not too late to sign up for this great annual race occurring on April 19! Visit our Horsetooth Half Marathon page, which includes a registration link.

Sierra Trading Post offers 30% discount for FCRC members

The folks at Sierra Trading Post have agreed to give FCRC members a 30% discount on web orders of $75+!

The discount appears to be valid for web orders only, but you can check out merchandise at Sierra Trading Post’s new Fort Collins Store off 3500 S College Ave Unit 140, Fort Collins, CO 80525. They are located next to the new Trader Joe’s.

Click here to receive the discount. There are some limitations and exclusions, but otherwise it is a great deal.

Blast from the past: FCRC 18 years ago

Ever wonder how running was in Northern Colorado was 18 years ago? A message longtime FCRC member (and board member) Tom Shipper gives a little insight.

As he explains in the first paragraph, he found the message from January 1997 while cleaning up files in an old computer. His words of wisdom in the last paragraph still hold true today.

I was cleaning up files on an old computer and came across the following item I submitted to the Running Club newsletter in January of 1997. Yes in those days when e-mail was much less common and those of us who did have internet access at home it was through a phone modem the printed bi-monthly newsletter was the way to get information out to members.

Before 1995 running had always been very much a secondary activity to me cycling had been my primary activity and I also played volleyball and racquetball. As you read the following I think those of you new to running or just getting serious about it for the first time might identify with much of what I said at that time.
Thank you Fort Collins Running Club

I would like to take a few minutes to thank the members of the Fort Collins Running Club for the support and assistance I received from them this past year. I really didn’t become active with the club until the March Tortoise and Hare Run. The support and assistance I have received from fellow Club members has been outstanding.

I would like to thank Steve Kirk for the Saturday morning training runs prior to the Horsetooth Half. Jan Wright for organizing the Thursday night runs. I would also like to thank all the runners who have attended those events. The support I’ve experienced on those runs and the Tortoise and Hare series have enabled me to set PRs at all the distances I’ve raced this year. I didn’t really expect to be setting any new PRs but I’ve set new PRs for the mile, 5-km, 4-mile, 5-mile, 10-km, half-marathon and complete my first marathon.

I’d like to express a special than you to Gordon Palmer who pushed and or pulled me to the top that the dam hill on the Horsetooth half, and to Jance Jancin who lead me out to a fast start at Georgetown which helped cut six and a half minutes off of my half marathon PR. Jim Kruse for pacing me on my long marathon training runs and giving me a target to try and keep in sight at most of the races.

I encourage other club members to attend the club runs, and races. Remember you get out of the club what you put into it. Don’t be afraid that you won’t have anyone to run with at the training runs. If the groups are large they will split up and their will most likely be runners at your pace. If the groups are small you will generally find the faster runners are willing to run with the slower pace runners who will generally find they push themselves a little harder and often surprise themselves with what they can do. I know I spent the Saturday Horsetooth training runs working hard to keep Jim Kruse and Marilyn Stapleton in sight while they were coasting along.

Tom Schipper