A Thank You from the RRCA

Not too many people know this but the Fort Collins Running Club is a member of the Road Runners Club of America, a 501(C)(3) noprofit oganization. The RRCA has over 2,300 member clubs and represents over 250,000 running club members. It provides insurance for our events.

The RRCA wanted to thank our club for being a member. Below is their thank you note for those who are interested.

Dear RRCA Members,

With Thanksgiving approaching, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your membership in the RRCA, and more importantly, your dedicated service to the running community.

Running as a sport, and the best form of physical activity, continues to grow in participation because of the efforts of our members around the United States. Running also continues to be one the of the leading forces for engaging donors to financially support charities and their mission driven work. Our members are raising millions and millions of dollars annually to benefit local, regional, national, and global nonprofits.

The RRCA has seen continued growth for our member clubs, events, and running event participation nationwide in 2014. Our valued members continue to be the driving force of the growth in our sport. Keep up the great work!

Your efforts truly define why WE RUN THE NATION! We look forward to your continued support and your membership in 2015!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Jean Knaack
Executive Director

Click here for the current RRCA newsletter.

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