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Segment Rundown

From May-December, when the Segment Showdown isn’t taking place, we will be doing the Segment Rundown. This is simply offering routes for you to explore in Northern Colorado. There will be two per month. We can’t do this on our own, so PLEASE send us ideas on what we can offer for you to explore. […]

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The Myth of Horsetooth Rock – A Falsehood Exposed

It’s nearly impossible to enjoy the Horsetooth Half Marathon race course without getting a picturesque view of Horsetooth Rock, a landmark visible from most of Fort Collins. The story of how Horsetooth Rock got its name is a great example of how some of a community’s most enduring stories can be more complex than they […]

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FCRC Fundraising Event

Through the FCRC Equity, Inclusion, and Outreach Fund, the Fort Collins Running Club invests in organizations that promote the well-being of an inclusive community. Through doing what we love (running!) we can raise funds to support these organizations. The Cultural Enrichment Center of Fort Collins (CEC) is designed to address the cultural, academic, career, and […]


New T&H Timing System

The 2019-2020 Tortoise & Hare Season is coming up. The first race of the series is on Sunday, October 13th. After much testing in various runs and races over the past several months, we are implementing a chip timing system for our race series. What does this mean? WE ARE USING CHIPS ONLY IN THE […]


FCRC Fall Marathon Training Program

The FCRC Fall Marathon Training program kicks of on Sunday, June 9th at 7am at ALIVE by Raintree.  Anyone looking to run a 1/2 marathon is also more than welcome to join this program and adjust any distances as they see necessary/feel comfortable with.  The cost of the program is $25. All participants receive an FCRC singlet/tank top, a private/closed […]


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