Segment Rundown

From May-December, when the Segment Showdown isn’t taking place, we will be doing the Segment Rundown. This is simply offering routes for you to explore in Northern Colorado. There will be two per month. We can’t do this on our own, so PLEASE send us ideas on what we can offer for you to explore. You might know segments/routes/runs we don’t. We would love to get routes in Loveland, Windsor, Timnath, etc. It’s summer, so trails aren’t as likely to be closed for bad weather, so throw some trail routes at us!

Keep in mind, this is in not the Segment Showdown, so you don’t have to run any or all of the segments. You don’t have to run the whole segment if it’s too long. We are just looking to get folks out there to explore new places.


FORT COLLINS-LOVELAND: Longview Trail (rolling hills), 4.3 miles, one-way

WINDSOR: New Liberty Climb (mild climb), 0.7 miles


FORT COLLINS: Grim Reaper (short and steep), 0.56 miles

WINDSOR: Windsor Lake (pretty and flat), 2.27 miles


WINDSOR: Poudre Trail 10K (yes, the Poudre Trail is also in Windsor)

TRAIL: Pineridge Llama (4.1 miles)


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