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Looking for some running-related entertainment as you practice #socialdistancing?  While FCRC’s monthly movie nights are on hold, you can still enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.  Below is a not-nearly-comprehensive list of fantastic running-related films.  Some we’ve watched as a club, some are still working their way up the list.

(Runner’s World also has an article on The 28 Best Running Movies Ever, many of which are included below.)

Linked below are their cheapest available standalone streaming options.  About half are available on multiple platforms, so if you subscribe to other streaming services, search there before following the links below.

Brittany Runs A Marathon (Amazon Prime, with subscription)

3100: Run & Become (Amazon Prime, $3.99)

Free to Run (Amazon Prime, $2.99)

Boston (Amazon Prime, $3.99)

McFarland, USA (YouTube, $2.99)

The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young (Tubi, Free w/ Registration)

1 Mile To You (Tubi, Free w/ Registration)

Run Free – Caballo Blanco (Amazon Prime, $3.99)

Finding Traction (Amazon Prime, $1.99)

Bannister: Everest on the Track (Amazon Prime, $2.99)

From Fat To Finish Line (Tubi, Free w/ Registration)

Race (Amazon Prime, $3.99)

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (Amazon Prime, $2.99)

Prefontaine (Amazon Prime, $2.99)

Spirit of the Marathon (Amazon Prime, $2.99)

Spirit of the Marathon II (Amazon Prime, $3.99)

Running For Jim (Amazon Prime, $2.99)

The Long Green Line (Amazon Prime, $1.99)

Without Limits (Vudu, Free w/ Registration)

Fast Girls (Tubi, Free w/ Registration)

Saint Ralph (YouTube, Free)

Unbroken (Amazon Prime, $3.99)

Born To Run (Netflix, with subscription)

Where Dreams Go To Die (YouTube, Free)

I Am Bolt (Netflix, with subscription)

Great Himalaya Trail (YouTube, Free)

Desert Runners (Vimeo, $2.99)

Running on the Sun (YouTube, Free)

Yiannis Kouros – Forever Running (YouTube, Free)

How to Run 100 Miles (YouTube, Free)

Skid Row Marathon (Vimeo, $4.99)

A Walk in the Woods (Amazon Prime, $2.99)

Run For Your Life (YouTube, Free)

Running Brave (YouTube, Free)

100 Seconds to Beat the World (YouTube, Free)

Endurance (Amazon Prime, $3.99)

4 Minute Mile (YouTube, Free)

Chariots of Fire (Amazon Prime, $2.99)

Fire on the Track (YouTube, Free)

Personal Best (Amazon Prime, $2.99)

Running the Sahara (Vudu, $2.99)

(Really, anything on Billy Yang’s Channel) (YouTube, Free)

Life in a Day (YouTube, Free)

Found on 49 (YouTube, Free)

The WHY (YouTube, Free)

A few amazing shorts:

SH*T Happens (YouTube, Free)

Break Free (YouTube, Free)

How to be an Ultrarunner (YouTube, Free)

Kissing The Rock (Vimeo, Free)

Films we’ve viewed as a club that elude available for streaming online:

Run, Fatboy, Run

Unbreakable: The Western States 100

On The Edge

Ultramarathon Man

Are there other running movies that you love?  Comment below!

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