2012-2013 Tortoise & Hare Dates & Distances

Tonight at the FCRC board meeting, we decided on the dates and distances for the Tortoise & Hare Race Series. For those who haven’t run any of the T&H events before, they are “handicapped” races where the slower runners start first and the fastest runners start last, and those who “win” are the ones who beat their computer-predicted times by the greatest amounts. They are lots of fun, are free for FCRC members, and include breakfast!

Below is the T&H race schedule.

2012 – 2013 Series

October 14 (note the change; it’s no longer the 7th): Rolland Moore Park 4k
November 4: Warren Park 5k
December 2: Spring Park 6k
January 6: Edora Park 8k
February 3: Fossil Creek Park 5k
March 3: Lee Martinez Park 10k
April 7: Cottonwood Glen 12k

One thought on “2012-2013 Tortoise & Hare Dates & Distances

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if anyone had successfully used the T&H series to help them come back from injury. I resumed running at the start of Sept after getting Achilles tendonitis during my training for the Horsetooth Half (still ran that race anyway). My longest run so far is only 3.25 miles…I’m building up slowly and the T&H series looks good as a controlled racing schedule to come back with, particularly with the short 4k and 5k races early.


    -Scott N.

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