July 15 Training Run: Redstone Canyon

Here is info on the first FCRC long training run of the summer! It will be at Redstone Canyon at 7:00 A.M., followed by a picnic breakfast at Horsetooth Reservoir to help celebrate Connie’s birthday!

Mark you calendars for July 15th, when we will have a club run of Redstone Canyon. In case you’ve never run Redstone before, it’s a 13 mile rolling out-and-back that is definitely more challenging on the way out than the way back. It’s beautiful and very worth the effort. You can also go shorter, if you prefer.

We’ll start at 7AM in hopes of beating the heat. Oh, and it’s also my birthday, so I’d LOVE you to help me celebrate! Afterwards we’ll have a picnic breakfast at Horsetooth Reservoir.

Let me know if you are interested, but I’m NOT cancelling this one. I’ll go even if no one else does.

Stay cool!

Connie D.

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