Senior Speedsters

Join the FCRC for the kickoff Senior Speedsters. This is a casual drop-in workout geared towards older adults. This speed training will take place once a week through the end of the summer. Details:

Duration: End of May-August

Location: Fort Collins High School Track

Meeting Days/Times: Thursdays at 6:30am

When: Thursday, May 26, 6:30 am to 8:00 am
Beginners and First Timers:
“Straightaways” 1600m (4 laps) run/walk warmup + 10 straightaways (run the straights, walk the corners) + 1600m run/walk cooldown
Intermediate and Advanced:
“200s!”, 1600m (4 laps) easy warmup + 4 x (200m pace w/200m walk/jog between) + 1600m easy cooldown
“You Do You”:
If you have your own workout, no problem. Enjoy the recently resurfaced track at Fort Collins High School!
Sorry, dogs are not allowed on the FCHS track

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