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Frost Points

Need a little motivation for your outdoor winter running? Well Fort Collins Running Club wants to recognize our Winter Runners Extraordinaire!

For each mile you run when the temp is below freezing, you earn points:
Miles x (32F minus Temperature While You Ran) = Frost Points
Example: 5 miles, 22F –> 5 x (32-22) –> 5×10 = 50 Frost Points

Submit Your Miles
Check Your Points

Temperatures can vary during a run – you’re welcome to use the coldest temperature recorded while you were out there. All submissions are on the honor system.

When you hit 1,000 Frost Points, you’ll receive these sweet gloves from SportAbout to show off your bragging rights, and we’ll probably embarrass you at the next Tortoise & Hare. Participation is optional and open to any club member.

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