2016 is just around the corner! What is your resolution?

Run the Horsetooth Half Marathon in 2016! (bring a friend!)

Don’t forget to register for Running U by January 3, 2016 and train with the 126 participants that already registered! Participants will receive a technical shirt so we can identify each other as part of the training team! You will also be added to our listserve and can join our FCRC closed Facebook group (all FCRC members are welcome to

Here is a breakdown of participant experience:

Also register for the Horsetooth Half before prices go up on January 7, 2016. Email racedirector@gnarrunners.com for your discount code.

Don’t want to join Running U? It’s OK, all members are welcome to join any of our Sunday Runs. Click here for the schedule.

Our first training run is this Sunday January 3 at 8am from Altitude Running. Stick around after the run and former FCRC president Connie will answer your questions about training for a half marathon.

After the Tortoise and Hare on January 10 we will have an opportunity to learn about the Horsetooth Half Marathon by race director Nick and get inspired to run by FCRC president Dan.

Saturday runs will continue through the half marathon training season!

See you soon!


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