Correction: March 1 10k T&H starts at Spring Canyon Park, runs to Cathy Fromme

The Tortoise & Hare 10k race for Sunday, March 1, will start at Spring Canyon Park (instead of Lee Martinez Park as in years past), run to Cathy Fromme, and the return to Spring Canyon Park. The move is due to the closure of various parts of the Poudre Trail.

Here is the course:

So remember, drive to Spring Canyon Park and park there, because that’s where the race will start and end.

The following will help us get started on time:

  • If you are new to the club or you have not participated in a Tortoise & Hare race during the last two seasons (i.e., since October 2013), please enter a predicted time here at least a couple days before the race.
  • Please arrive early (no later than 7:45, 7:30 is better) so we can get everyone checked-in and off to race in time!

See you there!

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