Ultra-Women of the FCRC

September was kind of a big deal for a lot of our members. Some had run 80 miles during the month, others during only a week’s time… and for at least two of our women, 80+ miles in a single day!

alene_gone_badTake Alene Nitzky, for example. In the past, she had run the Leadville 100 and the Badwater Ultra a couple times (including a double-crossing of Badwater). But this September, she ran the North Coast 24-hour Race in Cleveland, which was also the national endurance championships. The race was hot and then really rainy, and Alene got massive blisters and was pretty disappointed with her performance. Yet she still managed to run 80 miles and win the 50-54 year old age group. That seems like a success to me! [Read Alene’s report here.]

Ellen SilvaThen, our very own Ellen Silva from our Board of Directors ran the Bear 100, a race in Utah. With 20,000 feet of climbing, incessant downpours and lots and lots of mud, Ellen ran 100 miles in 32+ hours. I don’t think she even slept! [Ellen’s race report]

Now, both Alene and Ellen might sound like really crazy amazing people, but they are actually two of the coolest and down-to-earth women you will meet. You know what else is cool? BOTH of them have offered to be mentors to runners in our new Running U program. (Once Alene signs up with Running U, ahem.)

Join Running U today—it is free to all of members! Plus, if you run at least three times a week (on your own or with others), we’ll give you a free T-shirt! You don’t even have to run 80 miles in a day to get one! 🙂

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