Tortoise & Hare Dates Announced!

fcrc_tortoise-hareIt’s almost that time of year again! We have finalized all but one of the dates for the Tortoise & Hare races in the upcoming season:

October 12: Rolland Moore Park 4k
November 2: Warren Park 5k
December 7: Spring Park 6k
January 11: Edora Park 8k
February 1: Fossil Creek Park 5k
March 1: Lee Martinez Park 10k
April TBD: Cottonwood Glen Park 12k

Most are on the first Sunday of the month. The October one is on the 12th instead because of the Blue Sky Marathon being held on the 5th, and the January one on the 11th because our T&H race director, Nick, might be visiting family in the U.K. around the New Year.

The Tortoise & Hare Race Series remains the best value in the country, as it’s FREE for all FCRC members. That’s seven races for the cost of a mere $20 membership. They even include bagels for breakfast afterward.

The T&H races also are a great social outing where around a third of our members come out. Their uniquestaggered start format also make it possible for newbies and “tortoises” to WIN!

Join the FCRC today if you have not already done so to enjoy a whole gamut of other benefits as well!

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