New: FCRC’s Exclusive Race Calculator!

Have you ever wondered what your predicted time will be for your next Tortoise & Hare race? Have you tried to make sense of our T&H algorithm only to be reminded of how much you detested high school algebra? Well don’t worry; thanks to computer programming, you don’t have to do any math yourself to forecast your next running event.

Behold the Fort Collin’s Running Club’s new Race Calculator! Not only can you use its wizard-like powers to predict your time for the next T&H, you can use it for future races of any distance!

In addition, you can also use it to list your individual results for past races in our database. Note: currently, the calculator only works for people who have run a Tortoise & Hare race since October 2011. That’s because the calculator uses your own historical data, and the only historical data currently in our database is for the 2011-2012 T&H series.

Another disclaimer: this calculator is in beta and the predictions are not guaranteed to be accurate or even what the race director uses as your predicted time for your next T&H race! Also, do not use this calculator to try to determine when you should show up for the next T&H race. Please show up early (e.g., 7:45 A.M.) for the sake of the race director!

Race Calculator

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