Altitude Running

A Chat with FCRC Partner Altitude Running

We spoke to Carolyn from Altitude Running – an FCRC Partner – about the store, her life in running, and the running industry. Did you know that FCRC members received at 15% discount at Altitude? Not a club member? Join today!


First, a bit about Altitude Running, when did the store open? 


Then, the store moved a couple years ago, what prompted that move?  

We wanted to be in a more central location surrounded by better places to run from the store!

 What got you (personally) into running?

I was looking for ways to connect with my fellow students in high school and was going to join the soccer team. The XC coach noticed me and convinced me to sign up to help with conditioning. Long story short, I loved it so much I ended up doing track instead of soccer and now I’m a lifer!

Do you have a favorite race distance?

For a challenge I like the half marathon, but for funsies the 5k is my favorite.

What made you decide to be part of a running business?

I had been a teacher/coach and still enjoy educating and helping the public. So combining that with my love of running worked out perfectly for a running specialty store! (The employee discount is also very useful.)

What did you do before being in the running industry?

I taught middle school science and coached middle school track.

Do you feel like runners in NoCo have a preference for certain running gear over other areas (in CO or the US)?

NoCo has more trail runners than your average running population, so trail shoes and hydration gear (vests and handheld bottles in particular) sell pretty dang well.

Are there times of year that tend to be busier at your store?

The busy seasons definitely correspond with the better weather and sports seasons. So the beginning of summer, beginning of track, and beginning of XC are the busiest.

How do you feel running gear has changed in the past couple years?

Lighter weight shoes and more cushion has been the trend lately, mostly due to the continued popularity of Hoka. The unique On shoe tech is the newest innovation that we have seen in a while.

Are there new trends we should be on the lookout for?

This is absolutely conjecture but with the *low* drop Altra (as opposed to the 0 drop) now on the scene. I think that the wide toe box concept will start to be picked up by other brands. Otherwise, plated shoes are definitely on the up with all levels of runners thanks in part to On having mostly plated shoes.

How often do you recommend changing running shoes/how can you tell when to get new ones?

The life-span of a shoe is dependent on brand, model, and the user but generally speaking most of the shoes we sell last for 300-500 miles. A good way to tell that you need new shoes is if you start feeling pain/fatigue on runs that shouldn’t be causing discomfort it is likely your shoes are breaking down.


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