City of Fort Collins Permits

From the City of Fort Collins
We are starting to gather more in groups again, and it’s been great to see everyone together. As a reminder, if you have a group of runners (large friend group, cross country team, track team, work colleagues, etc.) that want to use the natural areas for a scheduled run, there is a permit system for groups of 15 or more. This helps make groups have the best experience possible, while also protecting native plants and wildlife. The Fort Collins Running Club applies for a permit already for its scheduled group runs that take place in natural areas each year.
However, if you have your own group of 15 or more, you can apply for a special use permit. The permit can cover multiple group runs or practices at any of the natural areas, through the end of the calendar year. This process helps manage impacts to natural areas and prevent conflicts in parking lots and on the trail. If multiple groups want to use the same space at the same time, the Natural Areas team can help stagger use to avoid crowding and suggest alternate times or natural areas.
If you’re interested in having a group run that’s not part of the organized club runs, the online application for the permit is free, quick and easy. Click here to complete it. There is typically a 15-day turnaround for permits, although sometimes they are processed faster.
The Natural Areas Department usually approves permit applications from groups that want to visit natural areas. However, depending on the size of your group, and the size of the parking lot, transportation or carpooling methods, and other activities planned for that day, the Natural Areas Department may suggest an alternate place, date, or time for your event. Occasionally, permits are denied, but this is a rare occurrence, and we do everything we can to accommodate our local runners.
Thank you for discovering and sharing the value and benefits of natural areas with your fellow runners. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact Rick Bachand, Ranger Manager at or 970-416-2183.

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