FCRC Segment Showdown

UPDATE 4/6/21 – April Division Updates are now posted.

UPDATE 3/3/21 – March Division Updates are now posted.

UPDATE 2/2/21 – February Division Updates are now posted.

UPDATE 1/11/21…The Segment Showdown (SS) January Divisions are now posted. Click here find your group!

Read below for details about the scoring and routes.

Want to push yourself, check out the town and earn some bragging rights, and maybe a STRAVA crown? Take part in the inaugural FCRC Segment Showdown. You’ll run segments throughout the area to earn points (in a different method than T&H).

How to Participate:

Register for the Segment Showdown (registration has now closed)

You must be an FCRC member to participate. If you are not a member, please click here to join.

Join the STRAVA Group (registration for the showdown has closed, all members are now in the group)

Segment Showdown Details:

Run each month’s segments as fast as you can before the sun sets on the last day of the month! (You can run the T&H segments during the regularly scheduled T&H or on your own time)

A few important details:
  • You must be a member of the Segment Showdown Strava club. If you are taking part and have not yet joined, please do so ASAP.
  • You must start/finish all the runs in the designated locations on the maps. Here is some info about how this works.
  • You must have your GPS on during your run and upload your runs to Strava (no manual entries) after you have completed them.
  • You can run segments as many times as you’d like within the timeframe. The fastest one will show up on the leaderboard.
  • If your Strava profile is not public (set to Only Followers on Only You),  you’ll need to make your SS runs public. Please be sure your settings are for Everyone for at least your SS runs. To do so, click on the edit button (the little pencil on the left) on your SS runs. About halfway down that activity, click on the Privacy Controls and change it from Followers or Only You (the default) to Everyone (the first option), then hit Save. Thanks!


We will have divisions of n runners. The divisions will be based on your estimated current 5k time. Hare Division is fastest, Tortoise Division is slowest.

Hare Division, Coyote Division, Prairie Dog Division, Human Division, Tortoise Division.

The fastest in each division for each segment will get n points. The 2nd fastest will get n-1 points, 3rd fastest will get n-2 points, etc.

At the end of the month, we will combine scores from each of the four segments and rank the runners based on how many points they scored. The top 5 scoring runners from all but the Hare Division will be promoted to the next fastest Division for the next month. The bottom 5 from all but the Tortoise Division will be relegated to the next slowest Division.

Ties will be decided by cumulative time on all four segments. If there is still a tie after that, a coin flip will serve as the tie breaker.

The Segment Showdown January Divisions are now posted. Click here find your group!


Bragging rights and possibly a STRAVA crown.




Classic Horsetooth Half Marathon (CCW)




T&H Fossil Creek Park 5k (CW)

CSU Steady State Course CW (6.56 miles)

Rigden Res CCW (2 miles)

Poudre Trail, Bingham Hill CCW (4.72 miles)


T&H Edora Park 8k CW

Bacon Strip CW (10 miles)

Monster Mountain (1.8 miles)

Riverbend Ponds CCW (2 miles)


T&H Lee Martinez Park 10k

T&H Cottonwood Glen Park 12k

Grandview Cemetery Mile CCW

Pineridge Loop (4 miles)


Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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