Tortoise & Hare Races

2013 Tortoise & Hare Series: Done!

We had a total of 144 different runners throughout the series, with a record 90 runners at the Warren Park 5k, before temps (and participation) plunged to an average of 6 degrees for the next four races. The final results are here. Summary of the top 5: 1. Maureen Hyde ($100) 2. Jenny Keating ($75) […]

Tortoise & Hare Races

Recap: Cottonwood Glen 12k

Finally, the Great Arctic Streak was broken. While it hasn’t been unseasonably cold in Fort Collins during the winter, for some reason, each of the last four Tortoise & Hare races fell on a morning when it was 4-8 degrees Fahrenheit. That is cold even for Eskimos, and race director Nick often had to resort […]


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