Meet the Board

These are the current Board of Directors for the Fort Collins Running Club. Board nominations and elections occur every September. Click here for information on how to contact us.

[Archive of past board members]

Connie DeMercurio, President

I have been running for 26+ years, completing a 50K, 29 marathons and many, many (lost count) half marathons. I have served on the FCRC Board in the past, 1 year as Treasurer and 2 years as President. I love working with new runners who are motivated to improve and start racing. I worked with Dan Berlin (President) for about 5 years, taking him from his first half-marathon through 7 full marathons. My passion for running has been passed down to my children. My son, Nate has completed a number of marathons and gone on to be an Ironman triathlete. My daughter, Marissa completed her first 50K last year and has also run a number of full and half marathons.

It’s so exciting to see how the club has grown since I originally joined the Board in 2010. The membership has gone from 100 to over 500 and growing!

Katie Quatrano, Vice President

Katie Quatrano and husbandI was lucky enough to move to Fort Collins in 2006 to work as a veterinary epidemiologist. In 2010 I joined the Running Club to start training for my first half marathon. As a member of the club I’ve now run over 25 half marathons. I came up with concept of Running U after my second child was born and I needed motivation to get moving! Running U has proven instrumental helping runners of all abilities meet their individual goals. I was honored by several club members as being recognized as one of Northern Colorado’s Superwomen in 2015 and hope that the momentum of Running U can continue!

Cathy Kechter, Treasurer

Cathy KechterI moved to Fort Collins from Nebraska to finish up my college degree at CSU. I have been running
since I was 12 years old. When I’m not running, I’m with my husband, 2 dogs, and almost 2 grown boys hiking, paddleboarding or golfing.

Greg Smith, Secretary

Greg SmithMy wife Renae and I moved from the Green Mountains of Vermont to the tall mountains of Colorado in November 2012. When a coworker back east heard we were moving to Fort Collins he said he spent a week here once and that people seemed so happy, everywhere you looked somebody was running or biking. It’s all true and we absolutely love it here!

Felix Wong, Webmaster

felix-wong-bismarck-marathon-2012.jpgI am a mechanical engineer and aficionado of anything on wheels. When not doing manic engineering or maintaining the website for the FCRC, I enjoy crazy-long bike rides, traveling the world, and running of course! In the past I have done Ironman triathlons and ultramarathons, but nowadays mainly do FCRC Tortoise & Hare races. A lifetime goal is to run a marathon in every state.

Andy Auer, member-at-large

adny-auer-2016I’m a new member of the Fort Collins Running Club Board this year, but I’ve been running with the club for around 3 years, ever since I moved to Fort Collins from southern California. I‘m a senior at CSU—this spring, I will graduate with a BS in geology and a minor in history. My pronouns are they/them/theirs, and I love dogs. In my free time, away from school and work, I enjoy running, reading, and knitting.

Dan Berlin, member-At-Large

Dan Berlin
I moved to Fort Collins in 2007 from the New York City metro area and started running 2 years later. Being a vision impaired runner, I discovered the generosity of our local running community when I signed up for my first half marathon. It is now my intent to help promote an inviting and vibrant running community in our hometown. One of my greatest pleasures is sharing the joy of running with my 2 rapidly growing children, and I have almost convinced my wife and dogs to join us.

Kate Schulte, member-at-large


I have been running since I was a teenager and I now enjoy running and racing with all 3 of my kids, 2 dogs, and one husband. I also compete in triathlons and duathlons, but love that you can almost always go for a run! I occasionally race with an Athletes in Tandem participant and love being able to share the joy of running with those who cannot run alone. When I am not playing outside, I work as a health coach empowering others to move towards a healthier lifestyle. If you see a woman running in south Fort Collins with a golden retriever and a brindled boxer mix, it is probably me, so say hi!

Ken Banwart, member-at-large

ken-banwart-2016I am a graduate of CSU and Realtor in Fort Collins for over 20 years. I have been a member of the FCRC for three years, with two of them spent helping out on the board. I also have a daughter named Morgan.

Tom Schipper, member-at-large

Tom SchipperI’ve been running for about 30 years now, currently 60 years old. For almost the first half of my running career it was secondary to other activities cycling, racquetball and volleyball. In 1996 I was ask by some fellow FCRC club members if I would like to join them for the Seattle Marathon. I knew I had to hang the bike up at least for that year when I said yes.

For years I had thought about running a full marathon but didn’t want to make the same mistake I did of my first half of not properly training. My first half I had never run anything longer than a 10KM even in training till the weekend before the race I did 11 laps of a 1.3 mile park loop trail in Greeley where I lived at the time.

I’ve been on the FCRC board since 1996. My favorite distance is the half. At a half earlier this year someone ask me how many I had run and I couldn’t come up with a top of my head figure but suspect it’s in the triple digits. I enjoy helping out new runners.

Wendi Sloane, member-at-large


I am 59 and have spent most of my life in Chicago, after growing up in Memphis, Tennessee and attending Brown in Providence, RI. My husband and I discovered Fort Collins about 10 years ago when we vacationed here, and realized it was a perfect place to live. Six years ago we bought our home, and used it as a vacation home until June 2015, when we celebrated the college graduation of the youngest 2 of our blended family of 7 kids (and 4 grandchildren), by making Fort Collins our primary residence and Chicago our “second home.” Although I travel quite a bit for work and pleasure, earning the nickname “the Human Ping Pong Ball.”

I have been a runner for over 35 years, and have completed 25 marathons and countless shorter races. Although I am a lawyer by profession (and remain a partner in a Chicago law firm, with a focus on intellectual property and fashion law), I am at my happiest on the running trail. I am really excited to be part of the Fort Collins running community, where the trails are numerous, beautiful and even plowed in the winter, and the Running Club members are enthusiastic.

I like to say I never met a sport I don’t like (other than golf), and my husband and I have loved the hiking biking, skiing (at least for me) that Colorado offers. And, unlike Chicago, it even has a great football team. (I will always remain a Cubs fan, though.)


Race Sponsorships: Ken Banwart (lead), Connie DeMercurio, Wendi Sloane

Race Management: Cathy Ketcher (lead), Tom Schipper, Greg Smith

Social: Connie DeMercurio, Felix Wong

Running U: Andy Auer (lead), Katie Quatrano

Volunteer Coordinator: Steve Hulen

Paid Positions

FCRC Administrative Coordinator: Katie Hardy

katie-hardyHello FCRC! I like so many others started running to stay in shape. I’ve been running since junior high and love that no matter where I go, my running shoes are always close by. I graduated form University of Utah with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science with emphasis in Fitness Leadership. I am inspired when people adopt active lifestyles and see the positive changes in their lives. I’ve worked in Run Specialty for 6 years and can’t get enough of working with runners. My favorite part of running is that it never gets easy and the discipline it takes to train for races and push yourself.