Last call for Sunday burritos!

Below is a message from Ellen regarding Sunday’s member breakfast and run at Club Tico.

Please bring your own cups or bottles to cut down on waste!

Okay all you lucky procrastinators- we were given ONE MORE DAY to pre-order the burritos! RSVP today

This really will be the last day to put in your burrito order, HOWEVER- if you miss the burrito pre-order, please still RSVP and let us know you’re coming. We will still have coffee donated from Starbucks, juice, and goodies from the baked goods potluck portion of the event.

Also remember that there are no dogs allowed at Club Tico- the pups will have to chill outside, so bring some water for them, and hopefully it won’t be too hot out. Otherwise, they might have to sit this one out.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Save $ on over 17 local races! Unlock discount codes on FCRC website now!

One of the great things about being a member of the Fort Collins Running Club is that the nominal membership fee quickly pays for itself especially if you are doing local races. This is even more true in 2015, as there are now over 17 races giving FCRC members a discount (usually $5) on race registration fees!

Now it is possible for FCRC members to find these discount codes on our website without having to search through our weekly e-mails. Simply go to the Sponsored & Discounted Races webpage and click on “Unlock discount code” next to the name of the race. Then enter your name and street number, and if the information validates with our member database, the discount code will be displayed for you.

Sponsored & Discounted Races link, Fort Collins Running Club website menu bar
The Sponsored & Discounted Races link in the FCRC website menu bar.

If there is no discount link listed next to the race on that page yet, please be patient—it will be coming soon.

If you are not yet an FCRC member, join today! And please tell your friends about this great FCRC perk!