Reminder: Warren Park 5k T&H on Sunday

fcrc_tortoise-hareThe Tortoise and Hare race is Sunday, November 2nd at 8 A.M. at Warren Park. Please be there no later than 7:45.

Here is a map of the course, which I believe is still valid. It also shows the start—the Warren Park parking lot off Horsetooth/Lemay.

If this is your first Tortoise & Hare race since mid-2013 (or ever), please enter a predicted time here.

As a reminder, daylight savings time ends this weekend, so don’t forget to change your clocks. Clocks “fall back” an hour (i.e., 2:00 A.M. becomes 1:00 A.M. on Sunday. This means you get an extra hour of sleep!)

Safety Alert, continued

Again, not to be alarmist, but the serial assaulter that has been terrorizing Fort Collinsers for the last couple months is still on the loose, and on Friday attacked a 7th and 8th jogger. These incidences occurred west of CSU and, shortly afterward, near City Park.

Runners are advised to:

  • Run with others, if possible.
  • Carry a cell phone with you at all times.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.

serial_assaulter1014Below is more information about the suspect.

  • He is about 5’8″ tall.
  • He has been described as Hispanic with a medium or heavy build.
  • His hair is very short and may have a mustache and a soul patch. See drawing.
  • He may be driving an older model, 4-door SUV. It has been described variously in police reports as being white, or possibly having wood paneling, or possibly being two-tone in color with white being one as the colors.
  • He has attacked runners in the vicinity of Drake/Shields/Stuart/Taft Hill, near W. Elizabeth St. west of CSU, and near City Park. He also attacked a cyclist north of Fort Collins on Highway 1 in an SUV.
  • So far he has attacked women only.
  • Seems like most of the attacks have been occurring after 7 P.M. The latest ones occurred between 10-10:30 P.M.

Being alert while out and about is probably the best thing you can do. This guy must be stopped!

Anyone running the NYC Marathon?

People who are running the New York City Marathon on November 2, 2014 might be interested in the message below.

runscribe0814-002Basically, John Litschert, one of the co-founders of the local company runScribe, is offering to equip runners with runScribe pods for running form analysis after the race. These shoe-mounted pods presumably would be offered for free, although I’m not sure if they would have to be returned.

You can read an article I wrote about runScribe on my personal blog for more information about the device.

Hope you are having a good fall! I have a quick question for you. Do you happen to know of any local runners participating in the NYC marathon next weekend? The main sponsors (TSC-not sure what that stands for) have given us permission to put runScribes on roughly 100 participants of the race. We are reaching out to find interested participants.

I know it’s a bit short notice but thought I would check with you as you seem to have a good handle on the local running community.

John Litschert

Safety alert

Hi everyone,

The Fort Collins Running Club wants to make sure you are all being safe on your runs. Please read below the Sheriff’s Press Release.

Contact: Larimer County Sheriff’s Office—David Moore, Public Information Officer
Public Information Office: 970-980-2501
Subject: 7th Woman Attacked
Date: 10/9/14

serial_assaulter1014During the evening of Wednesday, October 8, 2014 a woman was physically assaulted while riding her bicycle along the Highway 1 corridor just north of Fort Collins. The suspect was unknown to the woman; however, she was able to describe him as a Hispanic male in his 30s, with a stocky to muscular build, a shaved head or very short hair, and a moustache and soul patch. The man fled in an older white or light colored SUV with faded wood grain paneling, or two-tone paint on the sides.

Due to similarities in the cases, Sheriff’s Office investigators believe this incident is related to 6 previous assaults on women in the Fort Collins area over the past 6 weeks. In each case the woman was alone outside and the attack took place in the evening hours between 7:00 p.m. and midnight. Larimer County Sheriff’s Office investigators and Fort Collins Police Services detectives are sharing their information about the cases and coordinating resources to address this public safety concern.

The Sheriff’s Office wants to remind citizens that they can increase their safety by never travelling alone and by being aware of their surroundings. Anyone who recognizes the individual in the attached composite drawing or has any information regarding any of these incidents is encouraged to call Investigator Ben Hess at 970-498-5173, or Crime Stoppers of Larimer County at 970-221-6868.

Friday is the last day to sign up for Running U (for free T-shirt)

running_uJust a reminder, Friday (October 17, 2014) is the last day to sign up for Running U and still be eligible to earn a special T-shirt. Running U is the FCRC’s training group that provides networking, mentorship, and motivation for runners of all abilities.

Running U is FREE to all Fort Collins Running Club Members!

If you are part of running U and run at least three times per week (either alone or with a group) from October 12-January 4, we’ll give you a special T-shirt!

You can sign up for Running U after this Friday, but you won’t be eligible for the T-shirt.

Go this this page for more info on Running U and how to sign up.