Nov. 2 Movie: Run Free, The True Story of Caballo Blanco

Save the date! On November 2 at 7 P.M., the Lincoln Center will be showing the new film Run Free: The True Story of Caballo Blanco. It is a documentary about the central character in the popular book Born to Run and was an inspirational ultra-marathoner.

If you have enjoyed the book you should definitely come. If you haven’t read the book, here’s your chance to learn more about Caballo Blanco without having to spend hours reading!

This event is sponsored by and benefits the Fort Collins Running Club; in fact, 10% of all ticket proceeds will go back to the FCRC. We hope to pack the Lincoln Center with a huge contingent of FCRC members and other local runners. Please come!

Purchasing Tickets

As of August 26, tickets are not available yet. They should be within a few days. Thanks for your patience!

Advance tickets will be $12 at the box office. In addition, they will be available at

Tickets will also be available for $15 at the door the night of the show.

More About Caballo Blanco

Here is a short blurb from his Wikipedia entry:

Micah True (November 10, 1953 – March 27, 2012), born Michael Randall Hickman and also known as Caballo Blanco meaning white horse, was an American ultrarunner from Boulder, Colorado, who received attention because of his depiction as a central character in Christopher McDougall’s book Born to Run. True’s inclusion in the book garnered him some attention in ultrarunning circles, and some readers credited him as their inspiration for taking up the sport.

During the 1980s and 90s True spent several months per year trail running in Central America. In 2003 True decided to organize a race for the Tarahumara people in Mexico that would help them preserve their culture and running heritage. True died on March 27, 2012, during a run in the Gila Wilderness, part of the Gila National Forest in southwestern New Mexico.

Poster for Run Free: The True Story of Caballo Blanco
Poster for Run Free: The True Story of Caballo Blanco

Member Survey

Want to learn how to make a difference in the club? Please provide your input in our member survey. We are always looking for members to get involved, lead group runs, or serve on committees.

If you want to get more involved let us know! Or self-nominate to become a member of the board. Check us out. Members will vote on the board at the fall meeting, and the board will elect the officers amongst themselves.

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! We had several new members join in recent weeks!

Oct. 11: Rolland Moore Park 4k T&H + Membership Breakfast

Please join us October 11 for the first Tortoise & Hare (4k) at Rolland Moore Park. The race begins at 8 A.M., but please arrive at 7:30 to register! If this is your first race, or first race in two years, please fill out your predicted time in advance. The Tortoise & Hare series is a great way to get back into running and challenge yourself in a fun environment. The club provides breakfast after each Tortoise & Hare.

Immediate following the run, we will kick off the Fall Membership Meeting and Breakfast. (Burritos are available to current members. You can renew online or at the race.) We will have prizes to give away and open discussion with the membership.

Please RSVP to get your breakfast burrito!

This first Tortoise & Hare race is a great time for new members to join (and new runners to start their journey)! It is free for members and $10 for non-members.

Reports From Previous Races

Haven’t done a Tortoise & Hare race before and want to get a feel for what racing it is like? See this blog post for the 2013 Rolland Moore Park 4k!

Also, here are photos from the 2014 race.

Flyer for the 2015 Rolland Moore Park 4k Tortoise & Hare Race and Membership Breakfast.
Flyer for the 2015 Rolland Moore Park 4k Tortoise & Hare Race and Membership Breakfast.

Oct. 3: FCRC “A” Trail Run, 3-5 miles

The A Trail in Fort Collins.
The A Trail in Fort Collins.
On Saturday, October 3rd, Fort Collins Running Club members will be running the “A” Trail in the foothills near Maxwell Natural Area. There will be informal groups of people running distances of 3-5 miles. This is a great way for members to give trail running a try!

All paces welcome. Come run your first trail in a fun environment. If going UP the A trail is too much, you can run the pine ridge loop across the street, or run up the road!

When: Sat Oct 3, 2015 8am – 9am Mountain Time
Where: Maxwell Natural Area, Fort Collins, CO 80521, United States (map)

Dates Announced for 2015-16 Tortoise & Hare Races

Fort Collins Running Club logo
Fort Collins Running Club logo
The dates for the 2015-2016 FCRC Tortoise & Hare races were determined at the last board meeting. They are as follows:

October 11: Rolland Moore Park 4k
November 1: Warren Park 5k
December 6: Spring Park 6k
January 10: Edora Park 8k
February 7: Fossil Creek Park 5k
March 6: Spring Canyon 10k (start/finish by the dog park at the west end of Horsetooth Rd.)
April 3: Cottonwood Glen Park 12k

We hope to see a lot of you out there!