Harvest Farm 5k

Below is information for the Harvest Farm 5k, which occurs in Wellington. It is not listed on our Race Calendar because our Race Calendar only extrapolates race data from Colorado Runner Magazine’s RSS feed for Fort Collins, Loveland and Windsor. (Unfortunately, getting race info for other nearby towns would require me to heavily revise my script since Colorado Runner Magazine’s RSS feed limits results to three towns.)

Denver Rescue Mission is hosting Harvest Farm 5k, and we would like to add this event to your online calendar. Below I have included a blurb describing the event as well as the logistics such as date, time, and location. If you need any additional information please feel free to send Abby Emerson of the Denver Rescue Mission an e-mail.

Harvest Farm 5k

Join us this fall for the most beautiful cross-country run in Northern Colorado. On Saturday, October 4th, 2014 Harvest Farm will host the Harvest Farm 5k to kick-off the annual month-long Harvest Farm Fall Festival.

This unique course will lead you through a 209-acre farm atop dirt roads, winding through scenic countryside. The cows will ‘moo’ their encouragement along the way, with the chickens and goats chiming in. Follow the smell of fresh, homemade kettle corn to the finish line and enjoy knowing that “burn” you feel is aiding those who hurt most in your community!

This is a family 5k, meaning walkers, joggers, strollers & tail-waggers are all welcome – so, get moo-ving and register today!

Harvest Farm
4240 E. County Road 66
Wellington, CO 80549
(Just 20 minutes north of Ft. Collins)

Registration – 8:00 – 8:45AM
Race Start – 9AM

For more information on this year’s race, to register, or to find about the Harvest Farm Festival, please visit: www.HarvestFarm.net/farm5k2014


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Abby Emerson :: Denver Rescue Mission
Special Events Intern
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ESPN Article on FCRC Member Libby James

Recently ESPN W. came out with a great article on our very own ever-young Libby James. For those who are not familiar with her, she has set several world records for women over 70 years old. This includes a 1:45:56 half marathon and a 1:01:11 12k. She even ran a sub-7 minute mile last August!

One thing that particularly struck me was just how much she has been outperforming her peer group. ESPN W. explains,

Standing just over 5 feet tall, this freelance writer and children’s book author is one of the most accomplished distance runners on the planet. On the master’s circuit, where times are age-graded for the purpose of comparison, akin to a handicap in golf, James tops just about everyone. In age-graded scoring, 90 percent or higher is considered world class. James regularly clocks times at or better than 100 percent. In the most literal sense, she’s in a league of her own.

According to USA Track and Field, of the 14 million age-graded performances the year before, only eight were above 100 percent, and four of those belonged to James. She also was recently named the 2013 Masters Road Runner of the Year by Running Times and Road Runners Club of America.

Congratulations, Libby, and thanks for being an inspiration to all of us!